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Indian police revealed Bomber-carrying drones attack an air base in Kashmir.

Srinagar, India (AP) — Indian officials said on Sunday that They suspected drones carrying bombs were used to attack air bases in disputed Kashmir. The event was called the first time in India.

Dilbagh Singh, Director General of the Regional Police Department. “Drones with payloads were used in both explosions. Singh called the attack an act of terrorism.

Two soldiers were slightly injured in the explosion. Citing an officer who spoke anonymously under military regulations.

The Indian Air Force tweeted that the attack caused minor damage to a building on a base located in the southern city of Jammu in India-controlled Kashmir. as the second blast hit the open area. stated that no military equipment was damaged.

such events If proven to be run by anti-Indian rebels It will be a major change in strategy against New Delhi. The rebels primarily used classic guerrilla tactics, such as ambush., hit-and-run attacks, remote-controlled bombs and car bombs.

Lt. Gen. DS Huda, who headed the Indian Army̵

7;s North Command from 2014 to 2016 covering the Kashmir region, said Sunday’s potential drone strikes are “deadly devastating”. “Big and Serious Challenges” for Security Devices He said commercial drones are easily available in the market. and does not require advanced technology to attack

“The drone has a slightly visible signature. And traditional radar is almost impossible to pick up,” Huda said. “It would have to be completely reworked to allow the military to intercept and defuse this type of attack.”

Muslim-majority Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan. and the Himalayan region is fully claimed by both regions. The rebels have been battling Indian rule since 1989. Most Muslim Kashmir supports the rebels’ goal of unifying the territory under Pakistani rule or as an independent nation.

New Delhi views the Kashmir militia as a Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Pakistan has denied the allegations. And most Kashmiri people call this a legitimate fight for freedom.

Both countries claim to have shot down spy drones in parts of Kashmir under their control.

The air base in Jammu is also used as a civilian airport. And the Indian Press Trust quoted airport director Pravad Ranjan Berea as saying there had been no disruption to civil flights.

Indian authorities say Forensic investigators are exploring the area. and later joined the country’s leading counter-terrorism agency. That is the National Investigating Agency.

Last week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hold an important meeting with politicians supporting India from Kashmir for the first time since New Delhi liberates the region’s semi-autonomous region and imposes massive administrative changes. which many people likened to the beginning of the colonization of the settlers.

in the past few years Indian authorities have raised the possibility of drone strikes by rebels in the region. Especially after repeatedly accusing Pakistan of using Chinese-made drones along the border to dump packages for militants since last year.

Tens of thousands of civilians, rebels and government forces have died in the conflict.

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