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Insects are safe for humans to eat, the EU said.

Insects are expanding into a European table-top menu item after the group’s food safety regulator approved food worms as safe for human consumption.

Wednesday’s announcement refers to beetles, where beetle larvae are actually mashed and used as a high-protein flour to make pasta and bread, or to be consumed whole in stir-fries and other recipes, the next step involves. With approval of marketing and labeling and for the European Commission to sign a decision of the European Food Safety Authority.

The ruling provides an escalation for companies such as French edible insect farm Micronutris, which filed applications, and other startups including South Africa’s AgriProtein, Netherlands-based Protix and another French company, Ynsect, which is currently taking place. Build a new farm with production. Can hold more than 1

00,000 tons of insects per year

The bigger question is, will Europeans want to eat buckets, which have long been a popular snack in Asia and Latin America, even if ground into flour?

Giovanni Sogari, a researcher on social and consumption patterns at the University of Parma in Italy, said that at first many people might find it difficult. “There are cognitive reasons that come from our social and cultural experiences. It’s called the ‘yuck factor’ that leads many Europeans to think of eating insects as insect repellants, ”he said.

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