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Instacart Trader Joe pays buyers who get COVID-19 vaccination.

(NEXSTAR) – As vaccinations continue across the United States, some companies are offering financial incentives to encourage workers to get vaccinated.

Grocery delivery platform Instacart will offer shoppers taking time to get the $ 25 COVID-19 vaccine, the company announced Thursday.

Convert leads, in-store buyers, and full-service buyers. All purchases (in-store purchases and grocery deliveries) are eligible for compensation.

The company said it would provide free personal protective equipment to every buyer in need.

“Since the outbreak, the health and safety of the entire Instacart community is of utmost importance. With the continued increase in COVID-1

9 infections across the country, we are taking proactive steps to encourage government agencies to recognize Instacart buyers as key practitioners deserving of early vaccination, ”said Apoorva Mehta, founder of Dr. And the CEO of Instacart.

“Our goal with the launch of our new Stipend booster vaccine is to ensure that when the time comes, Instacart buyers don’t have to choose between earning a required provider or getting a vaccine.”

The company has urged government and federal officials to classify buyers as “essential labor”, allowing Instacart employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine early.

The grocery chain Trader Joe’s also announced Thursday that it would pay employees two hours at a time to get vaccinated.The Monrovia, California-based company said it would change schedules to ensure employees have time to vaccinate.

Not all companies offer the DoorDash incentives, the delivery app, another large platform for gig workers, said it has asked the CDC and its governor to prioritize delivery workers for vaccination. But benefits are not planned for vaccinated workers.

Target Corp. has no incentive plan yet. But it said it would make the vaccine free and accessible for 350,000 employees.Target said its 1,700 stores have on-site CVS pharmacies that will offer the vaccine to employees when they become available.

Albertsons, a grocery chain with 2,250 U.S. stores and 300,000 employees, has not received the same financial incentives as DoorDash has asked state and local authorities to ensure workers are priority for vaccines.

Many large corporations have faced criticism of how they treat employees throughout the epidemic, from bad sick leave policies to poor working conditions in factories and warehouses. Amazon has struggled with a lack of work and an outbreak of workers that forced temporary shutdowns of factories and warehouses. There was also a debate in Congress whether employers should be exempt from legal liability related to coronavirus exposure, as they remember more of their employees going to offices and other workplaces.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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