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Instagram is testing story links for everyone.

An image of an Android phone showing the ticket feature on Instagram and a sticker saying

say Goodbye go to dance “Link in bio”
photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Instagram is finally testing its ability for those of us without millions of followers. to connect people to external content from storiesThe linking feature is slightly different from the swipe-up method you currently have. See the stories of your favorite influencers. but a sticker Your friends can tap to go to the link in their mobile browser.

Wichal Shah Instagram Head of Product, tell The Verge that it’s in the testing process to learn how people use it In-App Links They’ll look for the type of links people post the most. including whether they are used to spread misinformation. This feature tends to be limited to S.Torries

“That’s the future system we want to do,” Shah said.“And that’s what we hope to launch. If we can make it work.”

Instagram has been practicing carrots for a long time/How to stick with users If you don’t post as often as the algorithm expected, search “Instagram Algorithm” to see dozens of bloggers who tried. figure it out—You risk being irrelevant. But if you play the game You will be rewarded with the opportunity to attract a large number of followers. And once you reach 10,000 followers, Instagram unlocks the ability to post links to external sites. (Verified users can still access the link regardless of the number of followers.)

Three screenshots showing the sticker feature on the Instagram app.

See how Instagram links work as stickers.
image: Instagram

I don’t fan of This particular limitation External links are a simple feature. that will be useful to all users, no matter how much they follow. Specific restrictions Hurts activists and educators who have helped pave the way for posting calls to action in recent years.

It will also help to fry smaller pieces like me.There are cases where I wish I could share my work with friends. colleague and followers without telling them to go to the link in my bio. Or copy and paste the complex URL into their mobile browser. There are many people in my life who love me dearly. But even they don’t have the time or any problem to read my articles.

Allowing all users to link externally will help Instagram get some use out of TikTok. play catch-upAfter all, TikTok is one of the latest hashtags designed to dunk on Instagram Reels. Introducing TikTok jump last week The app is included in the video to enable things like recipe sheets in Whisk or links to external Wikipedia pages. However, there is no ability to link directly outside of links posted on profile pages.

Connecting will help Instagram achieve its goal of becoming. home shopping networkRetail sellers are more likely to opt for a platform as they can post to Etsy stores and personal websites without the need for Instagram shopping stickers.

Sorry, the link as a sticker is not yet publicly available. It is currently being tested in a small group of users. So we’ll see if the rest of us have to dance. How long are “links in history”?

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