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Instagram turns algorithm to favor news after complaint: FT

  • Instagram has changed its algorithm to prioritize current events and viral posts, according to the Financial Times.
  • A company spokesperson confirmed to Insider that the changes will take place. “Over time”
  • Facebook, which owns Instagram, has been criticized by activists supporting Palestine inside and outside the company.
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Instagram has reportedly modified its algorithm for news and viral content following internal and external concerns that users were unable to see the Palestinian-sponsored content being shared on the app.

Two people with knowledge of the change told the Financial Times that Instagram has changed the way it prioritizes Instagram Stories to appear first in users̵

7; feeds. More original content in stories than stories with content shared or reposted by other users.

The app will rate stories both original and shared equally. A source told the Financial Times.

“Stories that are shared, repost feeds cannot reach people expecting them. And that was not a good experience,” an Instagram spokesperson told Insider. We will move it to give the same weight to the re-shared post as we originally created the story.”

A company spokesperson said that the existing algorithm It “makes people believe that we are suppressing stories about a specific topic or point of view,” which the spokesperson said was not true.

“This applies to any post. re-shared in the story Whatever it is,” a spokesperson told Insider.

at the beginning of this month Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas Agree to Ceasefire in Latest Violence By ending the region’s deadliest fighting since 2014, at least 232 Palestinians have been killed since fighting began on May 10, including 65 children and 39 women, according to Reuters. Thousands of Palestinians are displaced. At least 12 people have been killed in Israel, including two children and a soldier.

Amid the controversy, BuzzFeed News reported that a group of about 30 employees at Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, spoke internally and appealed internally to recover Palestinian-sponsored content they believed the company had unfairly removed.

The group of employees involved has grown to as many as 50, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

at the beginning of May Instagram has faced criticism after deleting posts and blog hashtags about al-Aqsa, the Islamic holy mosque. After mistakenly identifying the place as being associated with a terrorist organization, BuzzFeed News also reported.

Additionally, in May, Apple rejected Facebook’s request to remove negative reviews it left on the App Store after pro-Palestinian activists targeted the company with a 1-star rating amid NBC News censorship allegations. report

“We know there are a number of issues affecting people’s ability to share on our app,” a Facebook spokesperson previously told BuzzFeed News.

“While we fixed them They shouldn’t have happened in the first place. And we apologize to everyone who felt they were unable to pay attention to this important event. or those who feel this is intentionally suppressing their voices. this never our intention And we never wanted to silence any community or views,” he said.

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