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Intel delivers 100% better gaming experience than Apple Mac laptops.

After what seemed like an era Intel law finally approved the message in response to Apple’s bold claims of releasing the Apple M1 (which was later revised). Intel released the following statement during Computex 2021, and it is not. A lot of thought for most tech enthusiasts. but still want to say It also means that the Intel-Apple relationship is more or less ending for all intents and purposes.

Intel: [our laptops] Provides 100% better gaming experience than Apple Mac laptops.

Remember when Apple made this claim?

Of course, this is absolutely disgusting. The M1 doesn’t have the fastest CPU core in the world, but it *is* the most energy-efficient core in the world. (Which is quite impressive.) What most people don’t know is that they secretly added the following footnote on the M1 website, which completely contradicts the statement above:

But of course, this footnote doesn’t get as much attention as the original pretext, and the M1 is still a benchmark for mobile chips. So it’s no surprise that Intel has finally chosen to respond with word of mouth marketing. of their own. In the template, which appears to clearly mimic Apple’s marketing language, they state that Intel laptops provide “100% better gaming experience than Apple Mac laptops”.

It appears Intel has decided to burn the remaining bridges with Apple (although some would argue it was Apple that started burning) and boldly strike back. They provide a number of benchmarks. Most of them run on Bootcamp, but some native games and systems use it. Intel/Windows easily beats MacBook games. Part of that has to do with the fact that Apple only uses AMD-based GPUs, and their best MacBook is currently limited to the RX 5600M, losing to the RTX 3060 you can find in used laptops. Intel (or even AMD)

This slide also raises the question of whether Intel is working on internals, such as Apple not moving MacBook Pros to Intel’s 11th-generation processors (or perhaps they’ll decide on AMD now). They plan to switch to Apple silicon in its entirety within a few years. but as far as we know They plan to offer x86 options for certain product lines for a few years. Considering Intel’s firmness in countering, however, I’m going to question that assumption.

Next, we have more slides from Intel showing that most of our creators are also gamers. (I can confirm.) And since Intel laptops offer 100% better gaming experiences than Macs, most creators should also buy Intel laptops (or AMD laptops, even if they don’t. mentioned in the slide for obvious reasons)

However, keep in mind that Intel’s assumptions are unlikely to change even if Apple switches to Apple silicon entirely. I’m not selling) There’s going to be a huge learning curve before game performance catches up with meaningful x86 optimization.

We weren’t expecting a response from Apple about this considering their MO, but kudos to the legal Intel for finally approving a simple statement. To applaud Apple, the lack of response and ignorance of the threats displayed by the Apple M1 is not a good look and shows that Intel is finally ready to start fighting back.

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