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Intel is using AI to lighten up GTAV, and the details are up to GitHub.

You’d think the game released on Xbox 360 in 2013 will start showing its age now – and if you only looked at the vanilla version Rockstar released, you were right and saw that age soon. However, the tech mastermind has used the game as a testing ground for all sorts of novel visuals and graphics experiments over the years, with the latest GTA V offering content as close to real-life as the game itself. Any has ever been

Three members of Intel Labs have devised a “approach to enhancing synthetic realism”. These trio include Stephan R. Richter, Vladlen Koltun and Hassan Abu AlHaija (who worked on this project as an intern at Intel Labs).

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Their work is published in an in-depth report that analyzes the benefits of machine learning in improving synthetic images. That’s an unconventional way of saying the three men figured out how to create hyper-realistic graphics in video games.

Please note that the results of this research are broader and more comprehensive than that of GTA V or the average video game. But video game applications for this technology shouldn’t sell too low. The company’s inquisitive pursuit of video games could be of great help if research by Intel Labs extends.

There is a caution when demonstrating the potential of machine learning in today’s games. Important information from the project documentation is as follows: “Inferring our approach to current un-optimized applications will take half a second with the Geforce RTX 3090 GPU.” In other words, this technology is not yet ready for gaming. Main stream Still, the fact that this method works just as well as some of today’s best graphics cards for gaming suggests that the gaming industry may be close to making the method work in Commercialization in the near future.

You can find a lot of information from the project at GitHub, where Intel Labs has published research-related material. Perhaps there is enough information available for future iterations of this project to accomplish with excited mods’ hands before the giants begin to tackle that process. Who knows what the future holds for GTA V graphics mods now that this leap in technology is made public?

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