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Internet sleuths find the location of GTA 6

GTA V still sells like hotcakes even after many years. But this doesn’t mean gamers aren’t waiting for Rockstar to at least announce the release date of the game’s next iteration.

And while the company continues to silence everything related to GTA VI, the massive leak that hit the web a long time ago gave us a closer look at what to expect from the game. Including what should be the official GTA VI map, that is.

The editors used this alleged GTA VI map for some pretty solid internet detective work and were finally able to figure out where the game could be set up. If the map is genuine, of course.

It Turns Out Leaked GTA VI Map Of Rio De Janeiro With Redditor brag_ clown The search for clues and similarities seems to suggest that the game will be set in Brazil.

Of course, nothing should be overlooked right now. Especially since everything is still in the midst of rumors. But a side-by-side comparison seems to indicate that the leaked map has something in common with Rio.

One thing that looks cool and I hope Rockstar brings to GTA VI is the use of islands. This means that players will have to rely on other means of transport besides cars to get to certain key points. in other words Planes and ships will become commonplace in GTA VI and this can improve the gameplay even further.

In the meantime, however, you shouldn̵

7;t hold your breath for the release of GTA VI. A recent guide stated that the game won’t see the sun before the end of 2023, as Rockstar still wants to make the most of GTA V and its success. The game is still saved on almost every platform.

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