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Investigators monitoring the signs of a US congressional uprising are planned.

Among the evidence the FBI is examining are indications that some of the participants at Trump’s rally at the Oval outside the White House had left work prematurely, perhaps recalling items to be used in the attack. Government agency

Investigators and prosecutors are also focused on directing and controlling the attacks, looking at travel records and communications to determine whether they can create cases similar to the counter-terrorism investigation.

This belief early in the investigation will require a major investigation.

The appearance of prosecutors and corrupt agents was partly due to their expertise in financial investigations. “We are following the money,”

; said the official.

On Wednesday morning, the FBI reported it had received more than 126,000 digital advice from citizens about the attacks on the government – more than three times the number of tips it received on Monday.

Among the thousands of tips the FBI received, some of them appeared to be shown to members of Congress to people who appeared later in the Capitol riots, two law enforcement officials said. This does not mean that members of Congress and officials are under investigation. But the FBI is verifying the validity of the claims, officials said.

Counter-terrorism strategies for arrest

At least some of the arrests that have taken place are part of the tactics used in counterterrorism investigations for little allegations and trying to get the people of concern off the streets. That helps mitigate potential threats amid concerns about a potential attack on the launch, officials believe.

It is expected that there will be 20,000 National Guard forces in Washington for Biden's inauguration.

For example, on January 4, local police arrested the leader of a Proud Boys group named Henry “Enrique” Tarrio in Washington, D.C.

Tarrio was detained for allegedly burning a Black Lives Matter banner taken from the Black Church last month during a protest in the city following a previous “Stop the Steal” rally. Related to the banner, however, federal officials said they found Tarrio had two high-capacity firearms magazines in their possession, forcing them to be charged with possession of a high-capacity feeding device.

On Tuesday, federal officials in New York City arrested 40-year-old Eduard Floria on at least one armed charge following the enforcement of law, including the FBI and the NYPD. In response to an online post about an armed caravan headed for the US agency. Two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

Law enforcement sources told CNN the man claimed to be a Proud Boy and was arrested with live ammunition in the house.

Trump is responsible for the Capitol riots, said former DHS acting secretary Chad Wolf.

Public efforts by prosecutors and the FBI to encourage people participating in the riots to turn around as a result. Two officials said some attorneys had reached in to arrange for the client’s safe handover to gain relief and reduce the chance of police raiding their homes, two officials said.

For example, an anti-terrorist prosecutor appeared in court for an earlier trial for one of the defendants on Tuesday, signaling how the Justice Department’s efforts are being integrated among the general criminal prosecutors managing the criminal trial. Initially, with agencies focused on more complex crimes.

“With this strike force established to focus strictly on sedition charges, we are looking for the same practice as international counterterrorism or counter-intelligence operations,” said prosecutor Michael Sherwin. US DC said on Tuesday.

“We are looking for everything, whether money, travel records, based on movement management, communications records, so no resources involved in the FBI or the US Attorney’s Office will not be monitored in terms of efforts. Check if there is an order And control how and how these activities are performed “

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