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Investor Forgot Password To $ 220M Bitcoin Digital Wallet

If you’ve ever thought of yourself having a bad experience with forgetting your password, San Francisco-based programmer Stefan Thomas is now twice guessed to lose $ 220 million in Bitcoin, according to The New York. Times Thomas was just one of the first Bitcoin investors to forget the security key for their cryptocurrency wallets as the cryptocurrency broke the $ 33,000 USD mark.

During Bitcoin’s childhood, Thomas earned about $ 7,000 from early investors for making video explaining the currency. With the digital currency soaring, Thomas tries to gain access to his cryptocurrency wallet. But after eight incorrect guesses, he realized that he had forgotten the password. It is important to note that Thomas used his Bitcoin wallet to have a system that wiped the wallet after 1

0 mistakes.With two more attempts, Thomas removed his hard drive as he was. Find another way to access his Bitcoins.

Given Bitcoin’s decentralized and anonymous nature, there is no real way to retrieve forgotten passwords. Some reports indicate that almost a fifth of Bitcoins are lost permanently, with the total value of the missing Bitcoins believed to be nearly $ 140 billion.

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