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iOS 14.6 beta 1 implies Apple Music HiFi support with Dolby audio reference.

Suspicious reports earlier today claimed that Apple was working on a hifi plan for Apple Music, although the report did not have much evidence. 9 to 5Mac A code can be found in iOS 14.6 that suggests support for HiFi music coming to Apple Music in the future.

The original report indicated that Apple expected to announce support for HiFi on Apple Music in the coming weeks, as it was stated that it would cost the same $ 9.99 per month as a regular subscription, suggesting that Apple would not charge it. Additional money for a hifi plan

9 to 5Mac It can now be confirmed that the HiFi plan may be coming to Apple Music for sure in the first beta version of iOS 1

4.6, released last week for developers, we found a new code added to the music app, mentioning “Dolby Atmos. “Dolby Audio” and “Lossless.” Although ALAC is supported by Apple’s hi-fi audio codec, the Music app has never supported Dolby Atmos or Dolby Audio.

However, what makes it even more interesting is that these references are only included in iOS 14.6 beta 1. We also reviewed the internal files of iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.6 beta 2 (released this week), but no such code. This suggests that the mention of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio has to do with some of the new things Apple is trying to hide from us.

For unfamiliar songs, HiFi songs have less audio compression, which means they sound better and more detailed.TIDAL, for example, is best known for offering hi-fi plans, while Spotify recently announced that. It’s working on a version that has access to HiFi music, however, Apple Music only offers songs using the AAC codec with 256kbps bitrate.

iOS 14.6 should enable paid subscriptions in the Podcasts app, which was announced at a special Apple event in April.The company said the new Podcasts feature will be available to users in May, so we think iOS 14.6. Will be released to the public later this month, confirming the Apple Music HiFi report.

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