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IPad and MacBook production lag reported due to global chip shortage.

Apple is facing a global shortage of some components for certain MacBooks and iPads, forcing the Cupertino technology giant and its suppliers to postpone production of their products, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia.

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According to reports, MacBook production is being thwarted due to a shortage of chips installed on the circuit board prior to final assembly, a critical step in the overall manufacturing process.iPad manufacturing is being hit by a shortage of display components. And display

In response to pushed back production, Apple has postponed component orders for both devices to the second half of the year. While the production of MacBook and ‌iPad‌ is being directly affected. But until now, iPhone production has not been affected. However, industry sources say supplies for ‌iPhone‌ components are limited.

Apple’s iconic iPhone production plans so far have not been impacted by a shortage, although some components for the device will. “Relatively tight” according to two sources. Overall, the component shortage remains a supply chain issue for Apple and has yet to impact consumer product availability, Nikkei has learned.

Apple is expected to release a new iPad Pro and possibly redesign the MacBook Pros with Apple’s silicon over the next few months. Bloomberg It has been reported that the new ‌iPad has significantly improved performance and the new small LED display is just a few weeks away from launch.

While Nikkei It was not stated which ‌iPad‌ and MacBook models were affected due to the shortage, it seems likely that delayed product assembly could result in some form of delay in Apple announcing products.

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