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IPadOS 15 Wish List for Improving iPad Quality of Life on Mac

We’re just a week away from Apple previewing the iPadOS 15 at WWDC, and we’re all hoping for a number of software upgrades for the iPad, not just the low-hanging fruit from iOS 14 that didn’t come to the iPad, but a leap. An important time for pro users on iPad Pro.

I spent the first week using the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) with the MacBook Air shut down and left, and the versatility of using the portable screen as a tablet, laptop, and desktop. The desktop is awesome, not that the iPad Pro can’t do the job for me any longer. On top of that, the quality of life accomplishing the same task isn̵

7;t as high as iPadOS as with macOS.Here’s what I’ll be watching at WWDC 2021 on June 7:

Apple delivered a big bang with iOS 14 on iPhone.I have long been using a single home screen for my most-used apps, with rarely used apps organized alphabetically in folders on the second page. Support home screen widgets, ability to hide app icons and home screen and app library grid, acting as a smart and attractive folder system.

The default home screen for iPadOS is not very advanced yet. Your favorite apps and folders can be on the dock and accessible from within them, and you can drag any app out of Spotlight search with an external keyboard for multitasking, but iPadOS 14 is pretty limited.

I’m tackling these limitations with my own app library folder system, which lives on the dock so any app can open side-by-side or float on top of other apps. The downside is that there is a limit to the number of apps and folders that can be put on the Dock, and I can put six of my most used apps outside of the folder on the Dock with this many folders.

Meanwhile, my actual home screen is just a featured image with a widget stack, which can always appear as a column on the left in landscape mode and have to be pulled in from portrait.I’m assuming iPadOS brings the widgets. Jets to all home screens such as iOS and app libraries will appear as the last home screen.

My preference is to split the home screen between useful widgets and the app library to get rid of swiping. Since the app can be launched from the home screen or the dock. and I also hope to see the app library launcher on the dock (similar to Launchpad on macOS) so that apps can be on the home screen or connected without folders and still be able to multitask without going back. Go to the home screen or have to use external keyboard.

Audio multitasking

My M1 MacBook Air with macOS can play audio from the Messages app or videos on YouTube while I’m listening to my podcast or music library. Playing a short audio clip from anywhere on iPadOS while listening to other apps will pause the audio that’s playing. (And may continue to play when you’ve finished listening to the clip)

This is a little annoying. But it hurts when you hit it enough on an iPad when a MacBook with the same processor isn’t affected by the same thing.What’s more limiting is recording podcasts in a single app while talking to your co-host. You through the internet in other apps. This is a betting table for Mac, and it can’t be done on the iPad Pro today.

Both machines are powered by the same M1 processor, the only difference is the capabilities of the operating system. My current workaround is to host calls in the messaging app from my iPhone, listen to the co-host’s audio through headphones, and record from my podcast microphone connected via USB-C on my iPad Pro.

I also looked at web articles and cited our performance record in a split-screen environment, while Just Press Record was still active as a floating app that appeared at the top of the screen. This really works (Even though I dismissed my own audio through the microphone), the experience was more limited and complex than recording podcasts over the Internet on a Mac.

Display settings

I’ve written a long article about the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with touch typing on a software keyboard. It’s not my favorite input method at my desk. But it’s possible and extremely powerful for me without a hardware keyboard.I prefer using the iPad Pro myself in my hand as a pure tablet.

Magic Keyboard accessories for iPad Pro add both a trackpad and stand to the equation to match the laptop experience for typing, selecting, and watching. This is the ultimate solution for writing a book with an iPad Pro that lasts longer away from your desk.

My most productive environment when I’m at home is at my desk.With the Magic Keyboard on my desktop, Magic Mouse and a 21.5-inch 4K monitor, multitasking on iPadOS today is very limited. Up, but perhaps expanding in the future and there is a solution to that boring problem now. What is even more strange is how the iPad works when connected to an external display.

MacBook can support multiple modes when connected to an external display. A closed notebook connected to a keyboard and mouse or trackpad can leave the display overwhelming from the built-in display that is not visible anyway.With an open MacBook closed, the external display can be treated as an add-on. Of the built-in display which almost gives you an enlarged workspace

iPadOS currently includes support for video out features in apps like the years-old iMovie and Photos, where the full video or photo is placed over the external display, while the iPad screen shows the app’s user interface. However, this is not a new feature for iPads and is still only supported in some photo and video apps.

In other cases, the external display only shows what the iPad shows.You can reduce the brightness on the iPad, but you can’t turn off the iPad’s screen mirroring content to the external screen entirely. This is not suitable But for writing articles like you’re reading, I feel comfortable at my desk with a chair, mouse and keyboard, and a large display for my 30-year-old eyes.


iPadOS 15 won’t be complete and ready for prime time until later this fall. But we should know what features Apple plans to tackle on June 7 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. 9 to 5Mac For the latest news coverage from now through WWDC week.

Is there a Quality of Life Your own iPad feature that should be as easy to use on iPad Pro as on a Mac? Let us know in the comments.

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