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Iran-backed militias target US bases with a rocket launch a day after the Biden attack.

A U.S. defense official with direct knowledge of the rocket launch said it was “likely” that they would be launched by Iran-backed militias operating in the neighborhood near the town of Deir Ezzor. east of syria But the origin of the rocket has not been confirmed. Officers could not immediately tell how many shells were fired. Some rockets landed near US troops. But preliminary reports say no one was injured.

“US Forces In Syria it was hit by multiple rockets. No injuries and damage is under assessment,” Colonel Wayne Maratto, spokesman for the US-led mission in Syria, tweeted.

Maratto later added in a second tweet: “U.S. forces in Syria while under multiple rocket attacks. serve in self-defense and conduct counter artillery fire at the rocket launch site.”

President Joe Biden, speaking at the White House during a visit by Israeli President Ruven Rivlin, addressed US legislators. who thought he might have overdominated by ordering a Sunday strike. and wants Congress to approve military action.

“Last night I directed an air strike targeting sites used by Iran-backed militias. responsible for the recent attack on US officials in Iraq,” Biden said on Monday. “And I have that power under Article II, and even those in the hills who are reluctant to admit that this is the case


7;s apparent retaliation came at an oil production site that the United States calls a “green village” in a larger security zone. There are 900 US soldiers operating to defend support for local Syrian fighters against ISIS.

Tony Blinken, US Secretary of State said in Rome on Monday that US air raids The Iraqi-Syria border is meant to “Hinder and deter” attacks on US officials in Iraq, although they urged Baghdad to condemn

‘Necessary, appropriate’

“We take necessary, appropriate and deliberate actions designed to limit the risk of escalation. but also to deliver a clear and clear deterrent message,” Blinken said at a news conference in Rome where he attended a security-focused meeting in Syria and ISIS terrorists

The exchange was seen as escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran. Iran has been hampered in talks to coordinate their return to compliance with the 2015 nuclear treaty, the United States has signaled it can walk away if it doesn’t see progress anytime soon, while Iran said on Monday. that It has not yet been decided whether to allow international auditors to monitor and review obligations under the agreement.

During a meeting with Rivlin on Monday Biden has pledged to strengthen U.S.-Israeli relations and to ensure Iran does not get nuclear weapons.

“Iran will never have a nuclear weapon with me as they say,” Biden said.

US air raids  It comes after a sophisticated attack by Iran using a new drone that could bypass US surveillance.
The launch of the rocket comes less than two weeks after the election of Iran’s next presidential candidate.

Blinken and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs It was “highly involved” as it was planned for an attack on Iran-backed armed forces by the US A State Department official told CNN, adding that Sunday’s attack was a carefully planned mission. “The process is as you would expect. related to the army Ministry of Foreign Affairs Other relevant agencies and agencies that carry out these operations,” one official explained.

A senior State Department official said members of the de-ISIS coalition attending the Rome meeting did not increase US airstrikes. Along the Syria-Iraq border

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said of Sunday’s protests that Biden still viewed them as “necessary” and “appropriate”.

“The president’s view is necessity, proper and willful action. It is designed to limit the risk of escalation,” Psaki told reporters Monday at the White House. “We will proceed and he believed We should and will take the appropriate measures necessary to protect US personnel, partners and allies. in this region.”

The Iraqi government, one of those allies condemning the US attack for violating Iraqi sovereignty and said it was “studying all available legal options to prevent repeat attacks that violate Iraqi airspace and territory”, according to the Iraqi prime minister’s statement. Mustafa al-Kadimi’s office on Monday

A statement issued after the National Security Council’s emergency meeting said the council was “conducting an investigation into the strike situation,” describing it as “violating Iraqi sovereignty” and denying “making Iraq a platform for liquidation or Use the land and sky to attack your neighbors.”

The statement added that Talking to Washington About Withdrawing US Troops From Iraq “to advance to the level of discussion of the logistical details of the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. Details will be announced later.”

‘Serious differences’

in washington The attack sparked another debate over the president’s power to take military action without consulting Congress. Especially since Biden has been targeting Iran-backed militias in Syria in February. But Democratic lawmakers have offered statements of support.

Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who heads the House of Representatives Permanent Intelligence Committee, said: “From what I have learned so far. I believe these are reasonable and reasonable uses of force that are intended for defense,” Schiff said, adding that the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee would. “Closely examine the basis of this attack. including assessing whether this action would prevent or prevent further attacks by these armed forces using [drones] and other methods,” and also asked the Department of Defense to briefly describe the attack.

US air raids  Stimulates parliamentary debate on the power of war

At the White House, Psaki said the administration viewed the attacks in Iraq and Syria as separate from talks to restore and expand the Iran nuclear deal, which Blinken recently said had slowed from “insurgency”. The “serious difference” between the US and Iran

“We don’t see that in the same path,” Psaki said.

“We continue to believe and never back down from noting that Iran is a bad actor in the region,” Psaki added. We are moving forward and seeking opportunities to advance negotiations to prevent Iran. The acquisition of nuclear weapons is in our national interest. And that’s how we evaluate it.”

no imminent deal

Blinken told the New York Times in an interview published Saturday that the United States Able to walk away from negotiations to salvage the Iran nuclear deal and said the possible decision point was “It’s getting close.”

Such a decision could be made if Iran continues to develop its nuclear program beyond the limits allowed in the Iran nuclear deal, Blinken said. If they continue to spin more sophisticated centrifuges at higher and higher levels. We will get to the point where it will be very difficult in practice” to return to the agreement as originally agreed, he said.

Blinken made similar comments at a press conference in France on Friday. He said he could not specify a deadline that the United States When will you walk away?

“I can’t specify a date. But it’s something we’re aware of. nevertheless We will only reach an agreement with Iran if it fulfills our obligations under the JCPOA and again, we’re not there yet. So we’ll see,” Blinken told reporters.

Blinken also stated that after six rounds of indirect talks in Geneva in the past few months, The deal hasn’t happened yet.

“We still have serious differences with Iran. Regarding the return to joint implementation of the JCPOA, our team is returning to the seventh round of indirect negotiations in the coming days,” Blinken said. “We will see if we can bridge the differences. But these things do exist.”

CNN’s Aqeel Najim in Baghdad, Allie Malloy, Maia Noah and Nikki Carvajal in Washington, Kylie Atwood in Rome, Mostafa Salem in Abu Dhabi and Hira Humayun in Atlanta.

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