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Iran negotiators: According to the deal so far, US oil sanctions banks will be lifted.

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator said on Saturday that Tehran expects U.S. sanctions on oil, banks and other sectors and to most individuals and institutions to be lifted according to a deal being negotiated in Vienna.

Meanwhile, Russia and Western European powers have provided different stories of their mission ahead of negotiations to bring Iran and the United States back into full compliance with the 201

5 nuclear deal, as talks were postponed for six days.

“All sanctions … in Iran’s energy sector, including oil and gas, or sanctions on the automotive, finance, banking and port industries, should be lifted in accordance with agreements reached so far,” said the Deputy Minister of State. Abbas Araqchi claimed Iranian state media said.

Araqchi did not say that under the sanctions mechanism it would be lifted or refer to how Tehran would meet Washington’s claims and return to its obligations under the deal.

“We will negotiate until the two sides’ positions are closer to each other and our demands are met,” he said. “If they reach an agreement, if not, there will be no natural agreement.”

The US State Department had no immediate comment on Araqchi’s remarks.

President Joe Biden is trying to return to the deal after Washington withdrew in 2018 under President Donald Trump and resume sanctions on Tehran. Iran responded in 2019, violating several restrictions of the deal on its nuclear activity.

Talks started last month in Vienna, with the rest of the deal – Iran, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany – met in the basement of a luxury hotel and the United States housed in another on the shore. Across the street Iran declined to hold meetings directly with US officials.

“We have a lot of work and little time left for that background. We hope there will be more progress this week,” senior diplomats at E3 called E3 – France, Britain and Germany said in a statement.

Officials said they hope to reach a deal by May 21, when the deal between Tehran and the UN nuclear watchdog to continuously monitor Iran’s nuclear activity is scheduled to expire. Read more about studying in Pakistan

“We have not yet come to terms with the most important aspects, success cannot be guaranteed. But it’s not an impossible thing, ”they added.

‘Cancel location’

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Friday that talks were in “Ambiguous place” means not sure whether it will lead to an agreement or not. Read more about studying in Pakistan

“We should not expect progress in the coming days,” Mikhail Ulyanov, Russian ambassador to the United Nations nuclear watchdog, told reporters after a meeting of the remaining parties, which concluded. The third round of talks added another round of talks on Friday.

“We just want to keep doing day-to-day diplomatic work and we have all the reasons to expect the final (results) to be successful and to come very soon in a few weeks,” said Ulyanov, one of the voices. Who are optimistic in negotiations

Broad talks are expected to be halted as diplomats say officials from various countries take part in the Group of Seven foreign ministers meeting in London, which starts on Monday and ends on Wednesday.

In his speech, Araqchi said, “There are individuals and institutions that have been specifically punished, and their list (the US) is long, the talk on the show continues.” Well, until now, most of the sanctions have been lifted.

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