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Is Boris Johnson really broken or how tight is he?

  • Several reports suggest Boris Johnson is in serious financial trouble.
  • They claim that his recent divorce, having many children, and lower incomes have given him a lot of trouble.
  • The report comes amid other claims that he tried to use the donor to pay for his living expenses.
  • But those who know Johnson very well believe that there is a much simpler explanation for him that claims to be hardship.
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Boris Johnson tells friends he is having a serious money problem.

Several reports suggest that the UK Prime Minister’s financial situation has led him to try and in some cases successful use of donations from conservatives and other donors to pay for:

Some critics close to Johnson have suggested that these alleged money problems stem from a drop in his income since hitting Downing Street, combined with his pay for an uncertain number of children. His and his divorce from his second wife Marina Wheeler.

Without access to Johnson̵

7;s personal financial records, it would be impossible to know for sure how serious the action would be to claim these hardships.

However, analysis of his declared income, as well as his past behavior accounts, raise some questions.

In the first 1% of the earners

Boris Johnson


To begin with, it is worth pointing out that Johnson’s £ 160,000 salary as Prime Minister, while not the stratosphere, is compared to some of his higher-income peers. People also put him in the first 1% of all UK income.

It should also be pointed out that, unlike most people, most of his housing, transportation and living expenses are covered by the taxpayer.

And while he has had a significantly lower primary source of income since his tenure as prime minister before he was prime minister, he is one of the highest earning politicians in the country, earning more than £ 275,000 a year. From his Telegraph column at the top of His salary as a politician

And even if he was forced to abandon that column But he still makes thousands of pounds in royalties from his back catalog every year, according to his benefit register.

He also announced £ 123,000 for a single speech in India in 2019, as well as £ 88,000 from publishers Hodder and Staughton for advancements in an unpublished book on Shakespeare.

Despite all this past and present earnings, the Sunday Times report last week cited government sources who said the prime minister was in serious trouble to miss a major emergency meeting at the start of the outbreak due to “Biographical work of Shakespeare, the money he had to spend in his divorce. “

A spokesperson for the publisher would not comment on whether Johnson kept ahead of the unpublished book, simply telling the Insider, “We don’t have a timeline for the book to be released in the near future.” Never commented on Advances of our authors “

He would ‘never buy a drink.’

Boris Johnson Pine

Johnson’s co-worker said he never shopped.


So is Johnson as difficult as his insider and media partners suggest, or is there something else going on?

Prime Minister Sonia Purnell, who worked closely with Johnson in his early career as a journalist, was skeptical and believed there might be a much simpler explanation.

Purnell suggested that Johnson might be acting like he always did, that is, to find any excuse he could to avoid opening the wallet.

“Throughout his life, he has been very successful in avoiding paying for anything,” Purnell told the insider.

“It’s a game he has always played … I mean, for sure, he can’t spend his money on drinks in pubs.

“He’s never done that all the time I’m in Brussels … You’re going to a bar and he’s going to have someone else’s drink and never buy a drink. I mean, never.”

Johnson’s coworker said he was also likely not to pay his debts.

“The first thing I tell people when I get there is that they’ll ask you to borrow them,” Purnell said.

“Never did it because he asked everyone and never paid back.”

His reputation for not paying back also extends to one wary EU official referred to in Purnell’s Johnson biography.

“You’re always careful,” the officer told Purnell.

“I said I would never lend him money because he never paid it back – so when he asked for £ 50 I refused.”

Empty envelope

Boris Johnson money

Counterfeit banknotes depicting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the Green Party Autumn conference on October 4, 2019 in Newport, Wales.


With so many homes, book deals and salaries, Johnson meets reasonable standards.

But those who knew Johnson described him as being almost comedic for money.

On first dating his second wife, he claimed to take her to a meeting in Hare Krishnas to avoid paying for lunch, which he told Evening Standard in 2008 that she “never forgave me”.

He kept this habit later in life, wasting £ 1000 on his ex-employer Max Hastings, only to refuse to pay him.

After much nagging, Johnson finally agrees to hand over the money and then deliver an empty envelope to Hastings.

“Whether Hastings really wants money or not, it’s not here or there,” Purnell told Insider.

“The fact that he was sitting there sent a sealed envelope and posted it and had nothing in it was a bizarre behavior.”

Of all accounts, Johnson was reluctant to pay it his own way.

Indeed, my first encounter with Johnson was in the cafeteria in the basement of London City Hall when he was at the peak of earning as Mayor of London and the Daily columnist. Telegraph

As I was waiting to pay for lunch with a friend, journalist Johnson swapped and asked my friend to borrow him a £ 3 sandwich, which he was rather shocked.

Insiders said Johnson’s notorious appearance was in part because he was reluctant to pay for his clothes.

Indeed, his outfit, as the mayor, often comprised of a faded gray jacket and municipal beanie hat, is part, according to a former colleague raised by Johnson from the Lost Property Office. Transport for London

How bad is his divorce?

Boris Johnson Marina Wheeler

Boris Johnson (L) and wife Marina Wheeler (R) leave after voting at a polling place in the EU referendum in London, Britain on June 23, 2016.


At the center of Johnson’s hardship claim was the divorce from his second wife last year.

Johnson’s biographer, however, questioned Johnson’s insider’s claims that their separation had cost him bankruptcy.

“I think it’s a somewhat sexist assumption to blame Marina,” Purnell told the insider.

“After that, she was a very high income person and has always been a QC and doing really well.

“I’m not buying that you take him to clean.”

Are Johnson’s finances a security risk?

Boris Johnson, Russia

Stefan Rousseau-Pool / Getty Images

Whether Johnson is truly harsh or simply claiming to avoid dipping into his own pocket, some believe the existence of his financial claims could be damaging. have

The revelation that Johnson had received an unpaid debt order from court led a former spy to tell the insider the claims could have been used to discredit him, while others suggested. That they might have let him be blackmailed by a hostile state

“The whole story of telling him to be difficult is like getting a beggar bowl out,” Purnell told the insider.

“I imagine MI6 trembling in their boots, it can be interpreted as an invitation to violate his own national security and security, you don’t do it as Prime Minister.”

And while claims about Johnson asking for donations to pay for the luxury prize and the wallpaper soon emerged. But it is not clear who he asked for donations from.

“We don’t know who gave him the money for the wallpaper and the holidays and all the rest,” Purnell said.

“And this is just a matter of knowledge.”

“What else is someone paying for? His personal trainer, his babysitter, the gifts, everything adds up and puts him at a huge security risk right there in Downing Street.”

A Johnson spokesperson was contacted for comment.

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