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Israel allows tankers to enter Gaza for the first time since the clashes

A Qatari-funded tanker enters Gaza through the Kerem Shalom border crossing for the first time since Operation Guardian of the Walls on Monday. The decision was approved after a safety assessment and is based on the continued stability of the security situation in Gaza.

The Coordinator of Territorial Government Activities (COGAT) announced a decision to allow fuel tankers to arrive on Sunday. The decision to proceed with the oil tanker transfer was announced the same day Israel received a message from the Gaza Strip requesting Approximately 1

0 oil tanks were transferred for the Walla Power Plant! News reports, Israeli officials told Israeli media on Monday that despite an agreement to allow Qatar’s fuel imports But Israel has yet to agree to allow Qatar funds to enter Gaza. COGAT announced Thursday that the fishing zone along the Gaza Strip will be extended from 6 nautical miles to 9 nautical miles and allow imports. Raw materials for civilian factories are also needed. Started last Friday

Lebanese Al Akbar The newspaper reported on Monday that Egyptian mediators told Hamas that Israel would open a crossing with Gaza by the end of the week if calm conditions continued.

Gaza militants warned Egypt they would escalate the situation by the end of the week if their demands were not met.

Al Akbar It also claimed that terrorists renewed the launch of flaming balloons to Israel on Sunday. Despite the claims But no reports of balloon launches were published. And there were no reports of balloon sightings or landings in Israel.

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