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israel boy Seriously injured in a cable car in Italy while communicating with family

An Israeli boy, who survived a cable car that died last weekend in the Italian mountains, has recovered, is communicating and will soon be moved from the ICU. The hospital treating him said Thursday.

Eitan Biran, five, was in critical condition since the cabin where he and his family sank into Mount Mottarone, killing 14 others, including his parents, brother and grandparents.

Eitan and his parents live in Italy.

“Eitan is now awake and conscious in the ICU. Talk to his aunt and look around,” said a spokesman for the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin.

“From a clinical perspective He remained in critical condition due to injuries to his chest and abdomen. and broken limb bones Over the next few days he will be taken out of the ICU and transferred to a ward,” the spokesman added.

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Rescuers worked by the remains of a cable car after it collapsed near the top of the trail. Stresa-Mottarone in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. As can be seen from this aerial photograph, May 23, 2021 (Vigili del Fuoco Firefighters via AP).

His aunt, a doctor in Italy, was said to be at his bedside when he arrived. Biran suffered multiple fractures in the crash. Although doctors ruled that there was no neurological damage, he gradually calmed down as his condition improved.

The Hebrew media reported appointing a local psychiatrist to help inform the children of the loss of the family.

‘In good hands’

Eitan’s school friends sent him a handwritten art project and colorful designs to help cheer him up.

“It’s a huge tragedy,” artist Stefano Bressani, the father of a schoolmate, told Il Messaggero newspaper.

Marcella Severino, the mayor of Stresa, where the cable car started. told the newspaper that the boy’s aunt, his father’s sister, was taking care of him.

“She has great strength that will serve her grandson well. She has always appeared in a child’s life. He is in good hands,” she said.

Rescuers worked by the wreckage of a cable car after it collapsed near the top of the line. Stresa-Mottarone in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, May 23, 2022 (Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico Piemontese via AP).

Congress updates on Thursday’s events Transport Minister Enrico Giovannini explained how the cable car hit the support columns before crashing to the ground.

Three men were arrested in the incident: Luigi Nerini, director of the Ferrovie del Mottarone company that manages the cable car, and two service managers Gabriele Tadini and Enrico Perocchio.

Both men admitted to turning off the cable car’s emergency braking system after repeated crashes. with brake devices instead of repairing because they don’t want to stop working

13 passengers died at the scene. Eton and another child were taken to hospital. Another child later died, Eton, who lived with his family in Italy. He seemed to be saved by his father’s embrace. who died when the cabin fell to the ground A hospital spokesman said Monday.

The bodies of the five Biran family members who died in the accident arrived in Israel on Wednesday evening for burial.

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