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Israeli air strikes in Gaza homes kills 10 people, mostly children.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Israeli air strikes in Gaza killed at least 10 Palestinians, mostly children, early Saturday in the deadliest single strike since armed conflict. With Gaza’s Hamas rulers erupted earlier this week. Both sides were pressured to gain an edge as the ceasefire attempt gathered force.

The latest outbreak of violence began in Jerusalem and spread across the region, with Jewish-Arab clashes and riots in Israel’s cities. There was also widespread Palestinian protests on Friday over the occupied West Bank in which Israeli forces shot and killed 1

1 people.

The escalating violence has fueled fears of the new Palestinians, “Infada,” or riots at a time when no peace talks have been made in recent years. Palestinians are set to mark the Nagba (disaster) Day on Saturday to commemorate the estimated 700,000 people who fled or were driven from their homes in what is now Israel during the war of 1948. Construction cycle That makes the possibility of more unrest.

U.S. diplomat Hadie Am arrived on Friday as part of Washington’s efforts to end the conflict and the United Nations Security Council to meet on Sunday. But Israel rejected Egypt’s offer for a one-year truce accepted by the Hamas ruler, Egyptian officials said on Friday on condition of anonymity to discuss talks.

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Since Monday night Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, which led to the attack on the Gaza Strip. In the Gaza Strip, at least 126 people were killed, including 31 children and 20 women.In Israel, seven people were killed, including a six-year-old boy and a soldier.

Rocket launches from Gaza and Israeli bombing in the besieged Palestinian territory continued until early Saturday, when air strikes on a three-story house in a refugee camp in Gazakhara. The lives of eight children and two women from extended families.

Mohammed Abu Hatab told reporters that his wife and five children attended the Eid holiday with her relatives and three children between the ages of 6 and 14 were murdered as children. 11-year-old is gone, only 5-month-old son Omar survived.

Children’s toys and Monopoly board games can be found among rubble, as well as the uneaten dishes from holiday gatherings.

“No warning,” said neighbor Jamal Al Nachi, who lives in the same building. “Did you shoot the people eating and bomb them,” he said to Israel, “Why did you face us? Go face to face with the strong! “

Soon after, Hamas said it fired rockets at southern Israel in response to air strikes.

A fierce Israeli dam earlier Friday killed a family of six in their home and sent thousands fleeing to a United Nations shelter. The military said the operation involved 160 warplanes, bombarding 80 tons of bombs over 40 minutes and successfully destroying a large network of tunnels used by the Hamas group.

Army spokesman Col. Jonathan Conricus said the military aims to reduce collateral damage in attacking military targets. But other strikes, such as fire alarms asking civilians to leave, were not “possible this time”.

Israeli media said the army believed dozens of terrorists had been killed inside the tunnels. Hamas militants and Islamic Jihad confirmed that 20 people were killed in their group. But the army said the real number was much higher.

The infrastructure of Gaza, which was in widespread disrepair due to the Israeli-Egyptian blockade after Hamas seized power in 2007, showed signs of further destruction and added misery for its inhabitants. Relying on the land’s sole power plant is at risk of running out of fuel in the coming days.

The United Nations said Gazans endured 8-12 hours of power cuts every day and at least 230,000 people had limited access to water supply.The poor and densely populated land was home to 2 million Palestinians. Great are the descendants of refugees from what is now Israel.

The conflict has hit back widely. Israeli cities with a mix of Arab and Jewish populations witnessed night violence, with groups of people from each community fighting on the streets and vandalizing each other’s property.

In the occupied West Bank, the outskirts of Ramallah, Nablus and other cities, hundreds of Palestinians protest against the Gaza campaign and Israel’s actions in Jerusalem. They waved the Palestinian flag, they carried it with the tires they had set up to burn barricades and threw stones at Israeli soldiers. At least 10 protesters were killed by soldiers. An 11th Palestinian was killed when he tried to stab a soldier at a military position.

In East Jerusalem, an online video showed a young Jewish man frenzied shooting a handgun as they exchanged rocks with Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, which became a flashpoint for tensions from the settlers’ forcibly attempted efforts. A number of Palestinian families left their homes..

On Israel’s northern border, forces opened fire when Lebanese and Palestinian protesters on the other side cut across the border fence and briefly crossed, a Lebanese was killed. Three rockets were fired into Israel from neighboring Syria without causing death or damage. It was not immediately known who shot them.

Tensions started in East Jerusalem earlier this month with Palestinians protesting the Sheikh Jarrah and Israeli police measures at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a frequent flashpoint on a mountain in the Old City. Which is revered by Muslims and Jews

Hamas launched rockets into Jerusalem late on Monday in an apparent effort to nominate themselves as champions of protesters.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed Hamas will It “paid very expensive” for a rocket attack as Israel mobilized a large number of troops at the border. US President Joe Biden has expressed his support for Israel while saying he hopes to keep the violence under control.

The Israeli army said the Hamas group had launched some 2,000 rockets into Israel since Monday. Most of them were intercepted by the missile defense lines. But they have put life to a standstill in the southern Israeli city, causing disruptions at airports and shutting down air-assault sirens in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


Krauss reports from Jerusalem Associated Press writer Bassem Mroue in Beirut and Samy Magdy in Cairo contributed.

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