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Israeli-Egyptian authorities meet to intensify armistice in Gaza Strip

The Egyptian foreign minister stressed during a meeting with the Israeli foreign minister on Sunday that it was necessary to establish an armistice between Israel and Hamas by halting all practices leading to escalation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said

Egypt helped brokers stop fighting on May 21

to end the worst fighting in years between Israel and Hamas. The Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip and is working with the United States and regional alliances to expand into a more permanent ceasefire.

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed at a meeting with Gabi Ashkenazi in Cairo. “Special sensitivities concerning East Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and all Islamic and Christian holy sites need to be taken into account,” the Egyptian statement said.

Clashes between Israeli security forces and surrounding Palestinians A mosque during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan helped fuel the month’s conflict.

Egypt reiterated its call for an appropriate climate to resume dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians with the aim of achieving a two-state solution. The statement added

in jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel. Netanyahu said his meeting was about regional security issues and how to prevent Hamas from pumping up civilian aid to increase capacity.

Palestinian officials have set tens of millions of dollars in new construction costs over Israeli attacks on Gaza. which the medical staff said 248 people were killed during the 11 days of fighting. Israel is repairing damage caused by Palestinian rockets and missiles. which left 13 deaths in Israel.

Kamel also met with President Mahmoud. Palestinian Abbas in Ramallah on Sunday. and sent a message from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to him affirming his support for the Palestinians and Abbas. State news agency MENA said.

Ashkenazi, who made his first visit to Cairo in 13 years, said he would meet with Egyptian officials. ‘Install a permanent ceasefire against Hamas’ and find ways to help build Gaza

Both Netanyahu and Ashkenazi said Israel’s primary goal was to keep two Israeli civilians back and the remains of two soldiers detained in the Gaza Strip for years. Hamas refused to hand them over.

in a tweet after the meeting Ashkenazi called Egypt a key regional ally committed to peace in the region, adding: “We all need to take action to prevent the strengthening of extremist groups that threaten regional stability. and to ensure that the missing and the prisoners return home seized by the Hamas group.”

Sisi has ordered Egyptian authorities to resume efforts and meetings to resolve prisoners and missing persons between Israel and Hamas, MENA reported on Sunday.

Egypt’s work in brokering and securing an armistice has propelled Egypt into a diplomatic focus. prompting a resurgence of participation from Washington and overshadowed movements by several Arab states to normalize relations with Israel. Read more

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