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Israeli forces demolish Palestinian stores

Israeli forces have destroyed a Palestinian store in East Jerusalem to the ground.

The demolition of shops in Silwan has sparked an argument between police and protesters.

The latter accused authorities of enforcing discrimination on building permits in the Holy City.

“Hey, do you see everyone? This was just made 2 months ago, cost 300,000 shekels, I swear to God. and the goods are still in there.”

The store is one of at least eight properties that residents say is slated to be demolished.

The municipality has given Palestinians until Monday to dismantle the structures themselves.

Officials have allocated land for the park and said shops and houses there were built illegally.

Bulldozers escorted by Israeli police flatten Harbi Rajabi̵

7;s butcher shop.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque is overlooked, the third most sacred shrine in Islam. and is the most sensitive place in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The owner of the shop told Reuters that 14 family members were dependent on income.

Residents say several buildings have been in the area for decades. Some date back to 1967, when Israel occupied East Jerusalem.

Palestinians Seek East Jerusalem for a Future State

Israel considers Jerusalem as its capital. which is a status that is not internationally recognized and encouraged Jews to settle in most of Palestine.

Palestinians there say it is almost impossible for them to get a building permit.

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem said the municipality had approved hundreds of Palestinian homes in Silvan.

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