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Israeli progressive COVID treatment approved for advanced trials

Coronavirus treatment proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The “miracle drug” earlier this year was approved by the Department of Health for a Phase II / III trial, according to the hospital-developed Nadir Arber of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, told The Jerusalem Post that COVID-based treatment 19 of his EXO-CD24 will begin a double-blind placebo-controlled trial in which approximately 150 patients in moderate or fatal conditions will be treated with the drug due to low levels of COVID-19 in Israel. Much Sourasky will partner with other medical centers across the country and will likely expand the trial to other countries, Arber said, for example, Georgia, which reports between 500 and 1

,000 new cases per day, according to the Worldometer website, agreed at The trial will be conducted when authorized by the European Medicines Agency.Additionally, Arber – and a Sourasky spokesman who confirmed the report, said the hospital is in talks with India, Brazil, Portugal, Costa Rica and the Czech Republic about being approved to operate. Trials in those countries too. “I was in Georgia last week and they were very eager to do it,” Arbor told the Post. Additionally, the treatment is being tested in Greece in what is known as a dosing study to determine how much is needed to effectively treat COVID-19.

EXO-CD24 was first mentioned in February, when Sourasky revealed that 29 out of 30 (96%) of COVID-19 patients had been cured within days and released from hospital. Later, five more patients were given EXO-CD24, and the same was effective, six of them received higher doses of the drug than the others.During the same period, Netanyahu advised Greek Prime Minister Kyriacosmit. Sotakis gave Arber during a visit to Israel to learn about treatment. During a press conference with Greek leader Netanyahu carried a bottle of Arbor’s healing potion and called it EXO-CD24’s “miracle drug” COVID-19 is based on the CD24-enhanced exosome and is intended to combat cytokine storms, which Dominate the immune system Exosomes are responsible for cell-to-cell communication. In this case, they deliver the CD24 protein to the lungs, which helps calm the immune system.A cytokine storm occurs when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive and attacks itself, one of the culprits. The top life of COVID-19 patients Arber said cytokine storms formed between 5% and 7% of COVID-19 patients within five to seven days. “We have a highly motivated workforce and it’s a really good project that is promising, safe and has the potential to really make a difference,” Arber told the Post. And for the most part, and on June 1, all the remaining restrictions by the Ministry of Health except Masking – indoors and used at Ben-Gurion airport – saw between 400,000 and 800,000 new daily cases worldwide in the past week.

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