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Israel’s Netanyahu goes to court as the parties weigh on his fate.

“This is what an attempted coup looks like,” he said.

The court’s testimony and political consultations, when combined, point to an increasingly difficult battle for Netanyahu as he fights for political life.

In a post-election ceremony, President Reuven Rivlin consulted with the parties elected to Congress before selecting a candidate to form a new government.

Both Netanyahu and his chief rival, Yair Lapid, had the backing of most lawmakers.Rivlin faced a difficult job and the country was at risk of falling into the record-breaking election campaign. Five in the next few weeks

Late on Wednesday, Lapid called on the country̵

7;s anti-Netanyahu, a widely ideological dissent, to abandon differences and form a unified government. He said he offered Naftali Bennett, the leader of a small right-wing party, to circulate power, with Bennett as prime minister first.

“Anyone who sees Netanyahu’s reckless performance today will understand that he can’t keep working,” Lapid said. We don’t hate each other. “

Netanyahu has been charged in three separate cases of fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes. Monday’s trial, the first in two months, marks the beginning of a definitive period in which many witnesses will have to stand up to the prime minister.

The session focused on the most serious cases against Netanyahu, where he allegedly promoted regulations delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to telecom Bezeq in exchange for positive coverage on the website. Popular news of the Walla company

Ilan Yeshua, Walla’s former editor-in-chief, explains the system in which Bezeq owner Shaul and Iris Elovitch pressured him to publish favorite things about Netanyahu and make it a prime minister’s rival.

The explanation he got from both of them? “That’s what the prime minister wants,” he said.

He said the pressure was still going on. Over the years, Elotviches, defendant in the case, has picked up images, headlines, word choice and other material.

Yeshua said they also ordered him to write an unfavorable article about Netanyahu’s rivals, naming a derogatory nickname, Naftali Bennett, the former Netanyahu ally who turned rivals, known as “ the rivals ”. He is a “religious man” and former Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who is of North African descent, called “Smile” and “Arab”.

Yeshua said he had never spoken directly with Netanyahu, and the request was also from mediators, including former Netanyahuner Hefez aide, who had turned into a state witness; and Expected to testify to the Prime Minister as well.

“It was clear that I had to comply with Nir’s request to create positive and negative articles,” said Yeshua.

He said his officials were angry at the pressure and one editor nicknamed the prime minister “Kim” after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

He said Shaul Elovitch called Netanyahu a “big man” and would display a message from the prime minister’s son Yair asking for the article to be changed or deleted.

At one point in the trial, Iris Elovitch screamed, “How much can you lie?”

In another instance, Netanyahu is accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts from wealthy associates, including Hollywood movie mogul Arnon Milchan and Australian billionaire James Packer. In the third case, Netanyahu was accused of trying to organize positive news coverage in a major Israeli newspaper in exchange for a suspension of the free Netanyahu pro tabloid. Netanyahu denied all charges.

In his television statement, Netanyahu said prosecutors carried out a “witch hunt” against him.

“They are not investigating crimes. They’re not looking for crime, ”he said.“ They followed a man. They followed me. “

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