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Israel’s New ‘GPS’ Nano Drug treat inflammation Dubbed as antibody replacement

Scientists say Israeli “GPS-guided” nanoparticle drugs can deal with inflammation without touching healthy immune cells. Scientists say the innovation “changes the game” and speculates that it could replace antibody therapy.

Prof. Dan Peer, vice president of research and research, said: Instead of today’s sensible inflammation treatments, we’re sending our GPS to the precise cells in the body. Development at Tel Aviv University

Peer has tested the drug injected on rats. It was found to be as effective as familiar antibody therapy. and the success was summarized in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. reviewed by friends

This technology uses ribonucleic acid, or RNA. which is an important part of today̵

7;s scientific research. As pharmaceutical companies invest more in the development of RNA drugs and vaccines. After the successful launch of the coronavirus with RNA

“Our injection is so accurate that it’s like a GPS that directs you not only to the right road, but to the right road. but also to the right room in the right apartment in the right apartment building,” Peer said.

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Peer, whose past innovations include licensed RNA technology from Pfizer’s partner BioNTech to develop coronavirus vaccines, said he hopes to begin human trials within two years.

“This is research that could pave the way for the treatment of inflammation to switch from antibody to highly targeted, highly effective RNA therapy,” he said.

Inflammation in the human lungs (sompong_tom via iStock by Getty Images)

Peer said this development applies to all inflammatory diseases. viral diseases such as coronavirus and when this method is further developed blood cancer

The injection delivers an RNA-based drug in a special nanoparticle to receptors in inflammatory cells. The drug then “silences” or even edits the genes that cause inflammation.

“We are the first research team in the world to successfully create a drug delivery system that knows how to bind to specific receptors in inflammatory immune cells. and can skip other identical cells,” Peer said. We only deliver the drug to cells currently involved in the disease.”

Peer said such specific anti-inflammatory treatments could replace antibodies in current treatments. which circulates throughout the body after administration of the drug To treat inflammation, on average, only 15% of T-cells need antibodies. But current treatments have applied antibodies to all T-cells.

Prof. Dan Peer (courtesy of Tel Aviv University)

“The problem is that antibodies work by reducing the activity of the body’s T-cells, because some of them cause inflammation, although only a small percentage of T-cells cause inflammation.

“Other T-cells are essential for the immune system. but was left behind by antibody therapy. which is undesirable. Now, instead of suppressing the immune system We have a way to actually target specific cells that cause inflammation,” Piers said.

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