7;s Sidewalk feature automatically shares your internet connection to create a strong wifi network for your Amazon devices.

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The Switch is about to flip on the Amazon Sidewalk, the tech giant’s vision of a smart, connected neighborhood.

Amazon, which originally announced the networking project in September 2019, plans to make Sidewalk work on Echo devices on June 8.

Low-bandwidth shared networks use a small amount of your home Wi-Fi to connect Echo devices, ring security cameras and lights, and tiled Bluetooth trackers to help everyone’s devices. “Stay connected and connected” as described on the Company’s website.

This cross-needed connection can come in handy when your Echo speaker or Ring camera loses its Wi-Fi connection. Sidewalks can make it easier to reconnect your devices.

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And as Amazon states in the project description “Pedestrians can also expand the range of functionality for your pedestrian-enabled devices, such as smart ring lights. pet locator or smart lock to be able to connect and continue working over greater distances.”

Amazon doesn’t charge anything for Sidewalk, and the company says “Multi-layer encryption” provides privacy and security for your personal data, but Amazon automatically gets a user selection error.

You can use the Alexa app to cancel. That’s what Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group, a technology strategy consulting group, said he plans to do so in part because of automating and “I don’t like the idea of ​​being a network node. Amazon’s peer-to-peer and make the richest people in the world rich with my bandwidth, data, and money.”

What else is happening in technology?


Weekend ransomware attacks on the world’s largest meat companies are disrupting global production.

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Meat producers’ cyberattacks JBS SA, the world’s largest meat producer, was hit with a “cyber attack” over the Memorial Day weekend that shut down all U.S. beef plants and led to the disruption of all U.S. plants. Including some factories in Australia and Canada, JBS said most of the operations were back online on Thursday. President Joe Biden said he plans to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin about a ransomware attack on US businesses by hacking. Russian gers at a joint summit in Switzerland later this month.

New Windows.Microsoft has a “What’s New” event for Windows operating systems scheduled for June 24 at 11 a.m. ET at the software maker’s Microsoft Build developer conference last month, CEO Satya Nadella hinted at the plan. “We will soon be sharing one of the most important updates for Windows in the past decade to unlock more economic opportunities for developers and creators.”

Spotify fun starts The end of each year, the streaming service Publish a roundup of your annual listening habits, but as 2021 approaches the midpoint, Spotify is introducing an “Only You” feature that highlights fun facts like interesting music matchups, Sun, Moon and Rising artists. and prepare a guest list for your dream dinner party.

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Several video game companies have recently spoken out against violence and racism in Asia. Washington Post reports Among them: Niantic, the maker of “Pokémon Go,” which says it will donate $1 million (all) to organizations including Stop AAPI Hate and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

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