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It is possible to drill a keychain hole into Apple’s AirTags.

Illustration for the title article Obviously it's possible to punch a keychain hole into Apple's AirTags without messing them up.

Photograph: A. Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo

The first thing that jumped out to me when I saw Apple’s long-awaited AirTags It’s their texture, which reminds me of polished giants. M and M. As with real M & Ms, AirTags are vulnerable, which means you have to purchase them. AirTag accessories To attach the device to your keys or hang it on your purse However, even if Apple doesn’t include a keychain hole in the AirTags, you can create one yourself without making it too messy.

In the teardown of the AirTag published on Saturday. that People at iFixit Decide to test if the keychain hole can be drilled into the device. A noble service for those who don’t want to pay extra for an accessory and are willing to risk ruining it. If that sounds like you, you’ll need a 1/16 ” drill bit.According to iFixit.

Before you wander, the first thing you need to do. Do is remove the battery. The key is to successfully find and break through one of the three. Notches which you can clearly see At iFixitIn the AirTag circuit board and the antenna shield. Notches have been made for the clips that hold the AirTag together. (Keep in mind that although the AirTag battery will last more than a year without charging But it can be replaced by pulling out the back of the device)

iFixit Note that the location of the “approx” notch matches the clip for the metal battery cover. Which means that they Can be used as a guideline Now you want to punch through the notch, not through the clip itself. But if you’re unlucky, doing so on the pretext of not killing your AirTag.

In case you are successful (And we hope you are because who wants to throw money away), iFixit indicates that AirTag should work “as if nothing happened”. The device’s speaker, which emits a hiss to help you find it in case you lose it or let others know that there is a missing AirTag nearby. Hardly affected

There is a price to be paid for saving a few bucks. iFixit indicates that if you drill a hole in the AirTag, you shouldn’t expect it to remain waterproof and dustproof. In the meantime, MacRumors Point out that this will undoubtedly void the Apple warranty.

In the end, those who seek out your training make a decision. Is it worth the risk when there are accessories for $ 12.95 Or less? Waterproof stuff worries me too, mostly because I have to open the door in the rain. Alas, it is a choice that each of us has to make. May luck be on you

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