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It is reported that the world’s first flagship Snapdragon 895 will be launched this year.

Despite the ongoing chip shortage But it looks like Qualcomm is working on launching the next-generation mobile chipset, which is rumored to be called Snapdragon 895. Whether or not it’s a sufficient release, we’ll have to see in the future. next few months But one company executive has hinted at the launch of a new silicon-launched flagship smartphone.

Lenovo’s general manager said the company will launch a flagship with a new SoC before the start of 2022.

Details found by GizChina include mentions Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s mobile division, who said on Weibo that the company will release its flagship phone before 2022, however, simply because the product launch happened earlier than expected. Preservation does not mean that it is available for sale. Of the flagship smartphones, there will be a lot. Due to the continuous shortage of chips There could be a number of hurdles that Qualcomm may have to scale before it ships large scale to its long list of customers.

Samsung may design its own CPU as it wants, ex-Apple and AMD engineers

The ongoing chip shortage has also led to rumors that the Snapdragon 895 is built on Samsung’s 4nm architecture, not TSMC’s. It’s likely that the Taiwanese manufacturer is already working at full capacity, so Qualcomm has no choice but to. Opt for Samsung, although it’s possible that the Korean giant might give the San Diego chipset maker an attractive offer. Opportunity.

When it comes to Snapdragon 895 specs, previous leaks revealed that the SoC has part number SM8450, along with the touted Kryo 780 custom cores, as well as an integrated Snapdragon X65 5G modem, which will also be done on Samsung’s 4nm node. One guide said Qualcomm’s next-generation silicon was already being tested by partners, so Lenovo could be one of them.

Qualcomm was able to announce the Snapdragon 895 in December of this year, and perhaps after a few days Lenovo and executives took center stage to announce the new flagship. There are still a few months left for the official announcement. So be sure to deal with this by picking up a little salt for now. Because the chip shortage is not yet over. Several companies, including Lenovo, may delay their plans.

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