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It is very important for Nintendo that the publisher does not work for the Yakuza.

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After a delay from technical problems that resulted A screaming conference call Fortnite ChildrenLong-awaited Epic with Apple’s court ruling It’s finally in the works this week. As part of that, Nintendo provided documentation with the publisher contract, although in good faith the “consolidation” could be a time extension.

Nintendo shipped 25 pages, almost nothingThat makes the Nintendo Switch content license and most of the distribution deals murky, such as KotakuEthan Gach said that “Nintendo’s court filing against Apple is more amenable than Mueller reports,” but Nintendo has left one striking detail: a provision that prohibits developers and developers from working on their own. Publish an advertisement Japanese people work with Yakuza.

The deal requires Nintendo’s partners to ensure that neither they nor their employees will be an “antisocial force” and neither fund nor support the force, Nintendo continues to define. “Anti social” by repeatedly using the word “Borokudan” which is What the Japanese police and media call members of organized crime.

As defined by Nintendo’s contract (via Some guy): “ ‘Antisocial Forces’ refers to organized organized crime groups. (‘Boryokudan’), a member of Boryokudan (‘Boryokudanin’), a sub-member of Boryokudan. (‘Boryokudan jyunkoseiin’) a company related to Boryokudan (‘Boryokudan kanren gaisha’), a fraudulent who tries to extort money from the company by threatening to cause trouble at a general shareholder meeting (‘Soukaiya’) or act as if Support a legitimate social cause (‘Shakai undou nado hyoubou goro’) or a special criminal group that establishes the Secret Service (‘Tokusyu chinou boryoku syudan’) or any other group or person equivalent to the foregoing.

The contract also prohibits developers and publishers. “Claim of violence” using “threat or transaction-related violence” and “spread false rumors using fraud or coercion”.

In short, it’s unlikely that Kazuma Kiryu will do business with Nintendo anytime soon.

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