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It’s hard to defend ‘Overwatch’, but it’s still unmatched.

Overwatch It’s not just about guns. Unlike other hero shooting games The game, which turns 5 this month, has some heroes who don’t even have guns. Instead, the characters toss the periodic table of projectiles and abilities to each other for 10 minutes and then do it again.

If you’ve never played before There is a DJ who keeps his partner with music. and a gorilla from the moon that slashes enemies off the map. They sometimes fight with tactics for control of the dark London streets. And sometimes it’s driving through Russian auto factories. The winner is the one who shies away from the most ridiculous combination of futuristic abilities. and successfully escorted the truck or protected various points.

Overwatch It̵

7;s a competitive shooting game. But the definition of balance is vastly different from the many shooters that came before, including one that has been inspired since its release in 2016. Here, heroes are born to fall apart, in a vacuum. Either one is like battling a boss in a game where you are low level. It is profoundly unfair and powerless, except Overwatch Heroes do not exist in a vacuum. They are in a 6v6 environment where they are controlled by other heroes. with the same evil powers This clash of many strengths and weaknesses requires a creative strategy in order to win the race. Unlike most shooters who ask you to perform on an equal field of play. Overwatch We ask that you express yourself in a deliberately unequal arena.

Blizzard’s shooter focuses on the combination of skills and makes exotic skills such as defense and healing essential in every match. Tank heroes like Reinhardt and support heroes like Mercy make the kills even more complicated. The players behind these characters don’t need traditional shooting skills. instead of working just to thwart them. The best players are great decision makers. Not just adept at aiming and raw reflexes. Flexibility and knowledge of the many interactions between heroes on your team and your enemy team is paramount. Every match is a new puzzle to solve. Because all 32 heroes of the game have different play styles. The hero selection screen is like your first dish in the buffet. Whether you crave the Roadhog hook and shotgun combo or Hanzo’s bow lunge, there’s something for every mood.

Every hero in the game has an opponent or hero specifically designed to defeat them. Healers like Zenyatta can fend off any kills from Genji’s ultimate sword swing and Widowmaker’s sniper will make Pharah fly on the ground. soil easily Put in traditional gun terms. Overwatch Give everyone a tool to make unfair matches by switching to pick during matches. This injustice or loss of power by the player is key to the entire philosophy of the game. No player can completely outwit their opponents without sacrificing any counter-attack. Teamwork and strategy are equally important. over important to victory over the opposing team. The best team compositions harmonize and complement each other’s shortcomings. Look at any professional. Overwatch League matches and you’ll see players tricked into moving away from the enemy team. Pick a counter to surprise your heroes. and concealing their allies in danger instead of killing them.

You cannot take advantage of your team’s strengths without managing your weaknesses. And that’s a persistent threat. Overwatch Different from other hero shooting games such as value and Apex Legends. In these games The characters are quite different. The difference comes from your playing style. What kind of gun do you choose? and how you use your character’s unique abilities to set how and when you shoot enemies. in general Everything is built to support how well you can target your enemies in battle. value and Apex Legends Want the best players to succeed no matter who they play with. and hence Abilities are often a continuation of those traditional skills. Instead of a subversion created for those interested in playing other genres more. Movement, healing, and high damage abilities cause a wrinkle in battle. But their serious lack of readiness meant that by that time Good aiming is still above all else.

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