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It’s hard to protect ‘Overwatch’, but it’s still unmatched.

Overwatch It’s not just about guns Unlike other hero-based shooting games, the game, which turns 5 this month, has some heroes who don’t even have a gun. Instead, have the characters throw the periodic table and all abilities together for 10 minutes and do it again.

If you’ve never played it before, there’s a DJ who heals his allies with music and a gorilla from the moon who takes the enemies off the map. Sometimes they fought tactically for control over the dim London streets, and sometimes steam walking through Russian mechanical plants. The winner is the one who escaped the most ridiculous combination of futuristic abilities and successfully escorted the truck or defended the spot.

Overwatch It is a competitive shooting game. But the definition of balance differs greatly from previous shooters, including those that have inspired it since its release in 201

6, here the heroes are born to fall apart. In the vacuum, fighting with any character is like a boss fight in a game where you are at low levels. It is extremely unfair and is a reduction in exempt power. Overwatch The hero does not exist in a vacuum. They are in a six-on-six environment where they are controlled by other heroes with similarly outrageous powers. This clash of many strengths and weaknesses requires constructive strategies in order to win the race. Unlike most shooters who ask you to show off in a clean playing field. Overwatch We ask you to deliberately express yourself in unequal playing fields.

Blizzard’s shooters value a mix of skill and make non-traditional things like defense and healing required in any competition.Tank heroes like Reinhardt and supporting heroes like Mercy complicate kills. The players behind these characters don’t have to use traditional gunfire skills, instead work just to hinder them. The best players are great decision makers, not just adept at targeting and raw responses. Flexibility and knowledge of hero interactions on both your team and the enemy team is paramount. Every match is a new puzzle to solve as the 32 heroes in the game have different play styles. The Hero Select screen is like your first dish at the buffet. Whether you’re hungry for a Roadhog hook and shotgun combo or Hanzo’s bow, there’s something for every mood.

Every hero in the game has a pair or a hero specifically designed to defeat them. A healer like Zenyatta can prevent any kill from Genji and Widowmaker’s ultimate sword swinging ability, the shooter will easily heal the flying Pharah. Put it in traditional athletic terms. Overwatch Give everyone the unfair matching tools by swapping out counter options during the match. This injustice, or the degradation caused by players, is the key to the entire philosophy of the game. No single player can use the opponent’s skills purely without leaving the opportunity to counterattack. Teamwork and strategy are equally important. over Important to victory over the opposing team The best team compositions coordinate and complement each other’s flaws, looking any professional. Overwatch Match the league and you will see enticing players move away from enemy teams. React, choose to surprise the heroes and cover their allies in danger instead of going to kill.

You can’t take advantage of your team’s strengths without managing your weaknesses, and that’s the constant threat. Overwatch It is different from the athletes that use other heroes such as Valuation and Apex LegendIn these games, the characters are only different from each other. The difference comes from your play style, the guns you choose, and how you use your character’s unique abilities to set how and when you shoot your enemies. Basically everything is made to support how well you can brush your crosses at your enemies in battle. Valuation and Apex Legend Want the best players to be successful, no matter who they play. And as a result, abilities are often more of a complement to those traditional skills than subversion created for those interested in other types of play.Movement, healing, and high damage abilities add wrinkles to it. Fire fighting But a severe lack of readiness means that when it comes to good goals, it still has value above all.

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