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‘It’s not all telling’

Interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey, will be broadcast this Sunday (Photo: Harpo Productions / photographer Joe Pugliese).

Interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey, will be broadcast this Sunday (Photo: Harpo Productions / photographer Joe Pugliese).

Must watch TV, meet the royal family This Sunday, all eyes are fixed for two hours. Oprah to Megan and Harry: CBS Primetime Special,. This marks the first major joint interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry since stepped down from his position as a senior member of the royal family last year and moved to California with his son Archie.

Winfrey will have a lot to talk about about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, her new neighbor from their family life in California, and recently announced they are having another baby. People after last year̵

7;s miscarriage to the royal family The drama surrounding their 2020 departure, the interview is the result of Meghan’s legal victory over her privacy case against the British newspaper. Sunday letter After the publication of a personal letter, she sent her estranged father, Thomas Markle.

When it happened, that victory was critical to Winfrey’s interview, reportedly long ago – given the green light to move on, royal reporter Omid Scobie told Yahoo Life.

“This Oprah interview will not take place if the outcome of a summary judgment on letter The case went in different directions. “Scobie, who co-wrote a biography of Harry and Megan. Finding freedom, Said. “It was the day after that win, they went back to Oprah and insisted that everything could go on.

“I think people are asking questions about the timing of this interview, and I think there is a case with this. letter It hasn’t been as long as it has been, so we’ll see them talk about the past few years. “He added,” I think everything is for Harry and Megan throughout the past year did not happen at the same time. Will like it at first Of course, we are in an epidemic. They spent most of the years at home. What we see right now are couples who are finally entering their new chapter. “

But the new chapter doesn’t come with serious baggage – and heavy criticism from the British press has both turned against it. The pregnant Duchess has accused her of defrauding her former royal aide, whom her team called “a woman”. “Attacking Her Character” (Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, has fueled the fire by issuing a statement expressing concern over the demands of a UK newspaper. time That Meghan harassed employees) In another report, the former reports series The star wore earrings given to her by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which the CIA claimed approved the 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

As rumors spread and the feud grew, Scobie used royal insider status to point out what to expect from Sunday’s special.


Oprah to Megan and Harry: CBS Primetime Special. Broadcast on Sunday, March 7, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on CBS.

Why Oprah?

Why not? Winfrey’s talk show hosting credentials made her a natural celebrity interviewer. But she also had a personal connection with Sussex that would make them comfortable. While it was widely reported that Winfrey attended the couple’s wedding in May 2018, which she called the “A moment of culture” after spending time with Megandoria’s mother, Ragland, Scoby said. “The relationship has become much deeper”

According to the Coast over squeezed Megan – then a date with Harry. But it hasn’t been engaged – and instead it was her mother, who started a friendship with the media mogul in 2017 after being advised by an L.A. business associate. Such relationship “It quickly became a strong friendship,” he said, which made Winfrey proposed. “Shoulder of Support” to Ragland amid the media frenzy surrounding the wedding.

In 2019 it was announced that Winfrey will cooperate with Prince Harry in Apple TV + documentary on mental health. Although the project is delayed due to an outbreak of disease. But they kept close contact – literally, with a move to Montecito last summer, the pair became Winfrey’s neighbors.

“This is a friendship that is built over time,” Scobie said, adding that. “Oprah has really become an important person in their lives.”

The significance of Meghan’s outfit

Sample interviews showed 36-year-old Harry, dressed in a gray suit, while Megan conceive the second child of the couple, dressed in black silk Armani with lilies draped over the bodice. Retailing for $ 4,700, the set’s hefty price tag has caused contempt among the Duchess’ critics, although Scobie said it was unlikely she would pay that much.

“I would argue for any stories claiming that she was spending that money on the dress,” said a royal reporter, suggesting that the designer discount may be extended due to the state. Meghan’s “High Profile” “I’m sure the cost is different for her because of course the designers have benefited greatly in this situation.”

He said what’s even more interesting is the dress that the former actress paired with Birks earrings and symbolized the looser scobbit dress than Meghan. He “wanted something meaningful for the interview” and was drawn to the details of the embroidered lotus flower, which is associated with it. “Rebirth and spiritual enlightenment”

“She likes to tell the lotus back story that this resilient flower is a resilient flower that is submerged in water every night and then comes back in the morning to revitalize and energize for a new day,” he explains. Seeing Meghan always having this idea of ​​wearing this dress, I would imagine it was not Armani’s dress, it was something that ticked the box as having some meaning. ”

Two pieces of jewelry worn by the 39-year-old also have connotations, such as her Cartier “Love” bracelet that was once owned by the late Princess Diana and the necklace of Pippa Small, a former jewelry designer. With my father Prince charles law Meanwhile, a suit of Harry’s favorite outfit he had worn at the time of the shooting, including his first son Archie.

What will be discussed?

For example, two interviews on Sunday suggests that Harry talks about the stress of the scrutiny of the media, which he told the British Resident James Court last week, said. “Ruining my mental health” for both the couple and his mother, “I couldn’t imagine how she had to go through this process by herself over the years, because it was incredibly difficult for us. Two people But at least we have each other, ”he said in one. Clip references to Princess Diana. The royal family has previously pleaded guilty to the media in the 1997 death of his mother in a Paris car crash while members of the paparazzi pursued.

At the second preview, he tells Winfrey that “My biggest concern is history repeating itself.”

While Winfrey created a drama that “There is no story out of bounds” and a bite referring to Meghan’s “silent” to “breaking point” and finding that her situation “didn’t survive”, Scobie warns that the audience may not necessarily be. Bombarded For example, he noted that Harry has spoken publicly about his mental health issues and comparison with Diana before.

Scobey’s not unexpected that they would call out members of the royal family since Harry commented positively about his grandparents during the interview, James Harden his neck. But it is likely to be straightforward about the royal institution and the pressure that comes with it.

“I think that’s where we’ll get a lot of exposure for the first time,” he predicted, “because this is the first time they can talk about it without fear of punishment.”

That said, Scobie guessed that “There are things they won’t talk about during this interview … it’s not that boring.”

It’s the reason Meghan’s miscarriage and subsequent pregnancies, her latest legal battle, and the projects they are working through Archewell, as well as a deal with Netflix and Spotify, will be up for discussion, but as Scobie said. That being interviewed now It was “locked and important” until it aired Sunday night.

Why does time cause controversy?

March 7 am to watch the royal eyebrows for two reasons, and both involve grandparents, Harry. Queen Elizabeth II’s pre-recorded addresses, marking a Commonwealth Day, will be broadcast on BBC One in the UK earlier that day in place of a self-service. (บริการวันเครือจักรภพปีที่แล้วที่เวสต์มินสเตอร์แอบบีย์บังเอิญเป็นการปรากฏตัวต่อสาธารณะครั้งสุดท้ายของแฮร์รี่และเมแกนกับราชวงศ์ก่อนที่จะก้าวลงจากตำแหน่งอย่างเป็นทางการ)

A spokesman for West Westminster Abbey revealed the plans of the Queen confirmed before publishing an interview with Winfrey, which is that the critic Harry and Megan Some considered. Little to his family, but Scobie says timing is more a coincidence than a conflict.

“This gives people access to arguments that don’t exist,” he said, noting that the interview will be broadcast on CBS in the US that night at around 1am GMT, UK viewers will not be able to watch it. Until Monday night when it aired on the ITV Network.

However, he admitted that the time Prince Philip had to be hospitalized was more “unfortunate” than the 99-year-old boy was taken to a London hospital for sepsis on February 16 and was transferred. Go to another hospital to observe any pre-existing heart symptoms. Meanwhile, an interview with CBS was announced two days ago.

“Just days after they confirmed this interview with Oprah that Prince Phillip needed further medical care,” Scobie said, “and that’s a situation that is still in the background. .. Both the queen and the prince were very fond of them. [Harry]It’s a relationship that has remained strong over the years since stepping out. I am sure it was a very difficult time. At the same time, it was a decision that they had already made. The wheels are in motion. The interview has now been closed and I don’t think anyone, including the royal family members, never thought Phillip would have been in the hospital for as long as he had.

The audience will react – and why Harry and Megan can share their stories, regardless.

With reports published over the days leading up to interviews, it is the reason critics are ready to pounce. The most common omission from their governors is that the couple are hypocrites, complaining about the invasive media attention they have received as royal family. But then kept the public profile (Even their latest pregnancy announcement sparked outrage from critics who accuse them of wanting attention.)

According to Scobie, it’s not that Sussex wants to. “Anonymous” – they just want to live on their own terms while still keeping. For example, voluntarily sharing Archie’s photos on social media makes them public. But still being able to control it This was followed by a paparazzi member.

“Harry and Megan, as we have seen in recent years will be cursed if they do and damned if they do not have the” Scobey said, “but there is a misconception that they do. Want this anonymous life – they want to be there only at their charity work. But these are couples who are clearly comfortable in the public eye. ”

He added that while Harry and Megan may be open to criticism by taking part in interviews, whatever the critics have to target important for them to take the time to record them. Match some stories and mention them on their subject. The words themselves are not through an anonymous royal source.

“Everyone talks about them apart from them,” he said.

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