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It’s official – NBC New York

The Ohio teenager was arrested after finding a semi-automatic gun, ammunition and gas mask in an unloaded bag, law enforcement officials told News 4.

The man, identified by multiple law enforcement sources as Saadiq Teague, was arrested at a subway station in Times Square on Friday afternoon near the A / C / E line, officials said.

An NYPD officer who inspected the station found Teague as he took the unloaded weapon from his bag and placed it on the floor. Authorities approached and interrogated him before taking him into custody, officials said.

Researchers are trying to figure out why the 18-year-old was there and what his intentions were. But the officer found a clip of the magazine in his possession, the official said. A senior law enforcement official said Teague was visiting the city with a friend who later went to the bus station to find out why Teague was detained.

When searching for a hotel room where a teenager was staying, police found marijuana and a bong, the source said. Law enforcement is investigating whether the gas mask that Teague wears him is a device that can be connected to a bong to increase smoking height.

Officials told News 4 Teague that he was from Ohio and it was legal for him to have a weapon. Top law enforcement officials said they were investigating whether Teague was involved in a man killed in the March shooting with Ohio police.

An FBI spokeswoman said they were aware of the gun arrest and were considering the matter.

No information on the billing was disclosed. An investigation is underway.

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