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‘It’s scary’: a long battle of parents for help with children with COVID-19 | COVID Yao

O!On Christmas Day, Gail Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter said she was in so much pain that she thought she would die.Liliana was briefly hospitalized for COVID in September. Her symptoms never disappeared, and over time new symptoms developed.

“It has been several months since her headache, relentless suffering, nausea, tinnitus, fatigue and insomnia. But the worst thing is the nerve pain, ”Jackson says.“ I couldn̵

7;t touch her without her screaming in pain. ”

On Christmas morning, Jackson drove to the hospital with her daughter vomiting from pain in the passenger seat. However, when they went to the hospital, A&E doctors said there was no coronavirus in the child for a long time. “He said she just had to go home and go on living,” Jackson said.

It is very difficult for children and young people to become infected with severe COVID. But recent research has found that infection that is mild or asymptomatic can lead to long-term COVID in children. A study at UCL is examining long-term COVID in 11 to 17-year-olds who do not. Were hospitalized with this disease

“The National Statistical Office found that after 12 weeks 7% of children aged 2 to 11, 8% of 12 to 16 and 11.5% of 17 to 24 year old had the condition,” said Dr. Nisreen Alwan, Associate Professor of Public Health at the University of California. The University of Southampton said.

Nice, the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Care, has recommended further research to provide guidance on juvenile effects and treatment methods. However, there is no definition of long-term Covid in juveniles in the manner seen in adults.

In the absence of definitions and advice, parents say they are being dismissed or regarded by a medical professional for their child’s unexplained symptoms.

One of the problems with the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health is that rehabilitation services for severely affected children, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, are “completely inadequate” in many parts of the country.

“We are delighted to see high-quality research being conducted based on symptoms seen in some children following COVID infection,” the spokesperson said. What symptoms are related to the effect of the virus? (Many viruses can cause people to have symptoms after a viral infection, such as chronic fatigue) and as a result of interruption or other knockout symptoms – the effects of the epidemic. “

Frances Simpson with her son Magnus, age six.
Frances Simpson with her son Magnus, age six. She co-founded the support and support group Long Covid Kids.

Kate and her son Max, 12, said they had to fight for the GP to be convinced. “We have been living with the long-term effects of COVID for over a year,” Kate said. “It’s been a long journey. By the roller coaster, which has many terrifying symptoms, from chest pain, suffocation, red eyes, stomach problems, muscle and joint pain to hives, to name just a few.

“GPs deal with certifications. But there is no endorsement here, it’s just a chant of new symptoms. We are bounced endlessly between child and mental health services and the GP, but still no one has any idea how to help my son. ”

Janet * was confident that both of her two teenage daughters had COVID for a long time. “I am a senior nurse and I still felt fostered and fired from a pediatrician,” she said. “Nothing happened unless I did. Threatening to complain There was only a constant effort to fool me, implying that the severity of my daughter’s condition was exaggerated. ”

Anna said her experience with her 12-year-old son was “savage and horrible”. “Sending the boy away from A&E when he screamed in pain and insisted that everything was in his head – which is something. It happened to us – it was reckless and illegal, ”she said.

Melania * had a similar experience with her two-year-old daughter. “She has had seizures and has been unconscious since October. But doctors didn’t care to tell me that I was an anxious and calm mother because my daughter’s children were not affected by the long-term COVID or COVID. “

Ruth believes that her daughter Sue, 15, also has long-term COVID: “If they don’t believe us now, how can we hope for the long-term effects of this condition on our children?” Say. “It was horrible.”

Frances Simpson, psychology lecturer at Coventry University, co-founded the Long Covid Kids Support and Support group in October after her two children, Saskia, now 10, and Magnus, now six, developed the condition. Membership is at more than 2,000 parents and grows to around 100 per day.

“Many parents on our website have had poor experiences caring for their children, including diagnosing pediatric anxiety and in some cases Munchausen using a parental proxy.” Simpson says, “Even sponsored medical practitioners are honest in their admission that there is no research and no answers.”

Michael Rosen, a former children’s award author who spent 47 days in intensive care after contracting Covid, agreed to become the group’s caretaker.

“It appears this is a very special, underrated and special area of ​​people affected by COVID,” he said. Or if they do, they won’t make it worse, and if they do, they won’t get their COVID for a long time. Obviously, things are not that easy, and we need more details and more statistics to provide more information. ”

* Some names have been changed.

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