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ITV drew views on Noel Clark’s sexual misconduct allegations.

UK broadcaster ITV has pulled the wraps off its new drama series “Viewpoint,” which will air tonight (Friday) at 9pm, following numerous allegations about series star Noel Clarke.

The hosts of “Love Island” faced heavy pressure to call for the early hours of the police drama, which aired every night this week after the Guardian’s investigation into sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse. The bullying against Clarke The store spoke to 20 women who have worked with performers in a professional setting.

“ITV has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment and victimization and has strict procedures for reviewing and handling complaints. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to work in the environment. It is safe and supportive. ”Read a statement shared with Variety.

“Based on the very serious nature of the allegations against Noel Clarke that 20 women claimed in the Guardian ITV report, ruled that it was inappropriate to air the finale of ̵

6;Viewpoint’ on the channel. The core of ITV in this evening is no longer.

“We know some of our viewers have spent four hours in the past four nights following this thriller that will end this evening, and they haven’t watched the final episode. As a result, we plan to make this service on the ITV Hub tonight for a limited time for viewers looking to find and watch the roundup. ”

Variety I understand that Tiger Aspect and ITV producers of “Viewpoint” have received complaints about Clarke’s behavior during the making of the show.

The series, which aired Thursday night, just two hours after the Guardian’s story dropped, will be available on the ITV Hub until Sunday evening, after which it will disappear from all ITV platforms.

Shortly after ITV news pulled the finale, “Viewpoint” star Alexandra Roche thanked the woman for speaking about “the incredible courage to move forward and help stop this kind of behavior in our industry. ”

“If I could stop working with sex predators… that would be great,” Roach said. “Send a big hug to all the actors and staff who work very hard on ‘Viewpoint’ for those who want to watch episodes. Finally, you’ll find it in the ITV Hub in the coming days. ”

Meanwhile, Clarke was also removed from the writing project run by ITV and producer “The Salisbury Poisonings,” Dancing Ledge Productions, a company in which Fremantle has a 25 percent stake.

Clarke is a mentor to Alex Strager, whose work has written on “EastEnders” and “Holby City”. Consulted due to the allegations against him and a new Straker’s mentor will be sought.

Falling out of the Guardian’s projectile investigation was swift. BAFTA suspended the recently-awarded performer from the organization for membership, while Clarke and Ashley Waters’ longtime colleague Ashley Waters took off. So estranged from that star that he could “Do not condone this behavior Nature both inside and outside the workplace “

Naman Ramachandran contributed to this report.

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