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Jack Ciattarelli Wins Preliminary GOP for New Jersey Governor, CNN Project

Ciattarelli, a former member of the state legislature and an establishment-sponsored candidate. Beats three other Republican candidates, engineer Hirsh Singh, Pastor Phil Rizzo and former Mayor Franklin Brian Levine to win the party nomination.

While he was the front runner-up in Tuesday’s GOP, Ciatarelli now faces a battle with contender Murphy at this year’s race. The seated governor, who ran without opposition Democrats, is well positioned to break the New Jersey streak that began in 1989 in the gubernatorial election from the party opposite the presidential seat a year after. Joe Biden won the state by 16 percent.

Ciattarelli is the best-funded candidate in the Republican race. It raised $7 million while his competitors did not earn $1

million, with endorsement from all 21 Republican organizations in the state.

On the campaign trail, Ciattarelli focused primarily on how he dealt with Murphy, focusing on the Democratic governor’s tax policies and handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but his campaign signaled it saw a history of criticism. Ex-President Donald Trump says it’s a vulnerability: Ciattarelli joins the rally. “Stop stealing” and it is backed by Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a former Democrat who turned the party and became a staunch Trump ally.

Ciattarelli also identified his top competitor, Singh, a “fake MAGA candidate” in the ad in which his campaign made Singh an opponent of law enforcement officials, and highlighted a 2014 Facebook post that Singh wrote in response. On the killing of Eric Garner, “Police must stop terrorism”.

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