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Jack Dorsey argues that Trump’s ban said he didn’t ‘celebrate’ it.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday night said he was not “celebrating or proud” of banning his platform on President Trump’s account – but explained that the ban was “ very proud ”. This move is necessary for public safety.

“After receiving a clear warning that we will take this action, we made the best informed decision we have, based on threats to physical security on and off Twitter,” Dorsey wrote in a tweet about. With the controversial movement, which he felt In the end is justified

“We are faced with an unusual and undeniable situation, forcing us to focus all our actions on public safety. The offensive assault resulting from online speech is evident and what drives our policies and enforcement above all, ”he wrote.


7;s Trump ban comes two days after thousands of pro-Trump supporters violated the City Hall as Congress endorsed the presidential election.

Five people were killed in the riots, including government officials, and the attack led to Trump’s second indictment accusing him of sparking a deadly blockade.

Despite confirming Twitter’s decision, Dorsey admitted on Wednesday night. The “real and important segmentation” that comes with account bans.

“These actions are therefore separate parts of the public conversation. They divide us, they limit our potential for clarification, redemption, and learning. And set a precedent that I feel is dangerous: the power of a person or organization transcends part of the public conversation around the world, ”Dorsey wrote.

In addition to Twitter, the president last week was locked out of his account on most of the other major social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, which blocked him at least until it was released.

Dorsey suspects this is a total intercompany coordination effort.

“It’s more likely: companies are coming to their own conclusions or are brave enough to take the action of others,” he said.

And while Dorsey said it was the right time to take action on Trump’s account, he voiced warnings that similar future enforcement remains.

“This moment might call for this dynamic. But in the long run, it will destroy the purpose and noble ideals of the open internet. Companies that decide to run their businesses to take care of themselves are different from the government revoking access. But it felt the same, ”Dorsey said.

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