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Jack Dorsey defended Twitter’s Trump ban, then cared about bitcoin.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in a series of tweets, explained that he felt the US President Donald Trump’s account ban was the right move for the social network. As a result of that online speech clearly shows and what drives our policies and enforcement above all, “he wrote.

Dorsey blamed Twitter’s failure to “promote healthy conversations”, acknowledging that Twitter needs to “look seriously at the inconsistencies of our policies and enforcement” and said the platform “is the only way to promote healthy conversations.” Chia needed more transparency in moderation

Dorsey then tried to create the decentralized standards for social media he started in 201

9 when he tried to hire five engineers. That’s how eight tweets on the topic of why his company banned Twitter CEO Donald Trump has managed to change his passion for bitcoin.

Five days ago, Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account “on the risk of further incitement of violence,” the company said in a statement. The ban comes two days after the president incited a mob to invade US state agencies to block Congress, which endorsed Joe Biden’s election win when Twitter banned him. He incited more violence. Trump was also indefinitely banned by Facebook that day, YouTube yesterday suspended his account. Today the president was banned from Snapchat as well.

The RealDonaldTrump Twitter account ban was “very real and very important,” Dorsey wrote. Dorsey said the widespread suspension of the president on multiple platforms challenged the notion that if people didn’t like Twitter rules, they would be. Can go to another place And even if the president can make a statement or call a press conference whenever he wants – or just on television. But Dorsey voiced concerns that the enforcement action could “destroy the free and open global internet”.

And that’s when bitcoin was born.Dorsey is also the CEO of Square, an internet payment company that bought $ 50 million worth of bitcoin as part of its digital currency bet.Square has accepted bitcoin since 2014, according to Dorsey. Regarding bitcoin as a model for a decentralized model for social media, Dorsey did not elaborate on how the network managed to handle Twitter’s failure to moderate healthy conversations or provide arrangements. Enforce more consistent policies

“It is important to acknowledge that this is a time of uncertainty and struggle for many around the world,” Dorsey wrote on Twitter. “Our goal during this period is to disarm as much as possible. As far as we can and confident that we are all building a more common understanding and a more peaceful existence on earth I believe that the Internet and global public conversation are the best and most relevant way to achieve this. ”

Although Jack Dorsey first offered the decentralized social media standard he called “bluesky” in December 2019, today he writes that Twitter is still “in interviews and hiring”.

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