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Jack Dorsey ends his silence after Trump banned it.

At the same time, Dorsey said the ban also reflected. “Our failure is ultimately to promote healthy conversations” (Twitter has spent most of the past two years figuring out how to make its platform a better place to live. ” He added that he felt that Twitter’s decision had set a “dangerous” precedent that “a person or an organization had a part of. Global public conversation “

Dorsey also pushed back on criticism that the company was involved in censorship, writing that “companies that decide to conduct business to moderate themselves are different from how the government revoked access”. It did not coordinate with other companies that have banned or suspended Trump in recent days.

You can read his full comment below:

“I’m not celebrating or proud that we have to stop it. @realDonaldTrump from Twitter or how we got here After being given a clear warning that we would take this action, we made the best informed decision we could have on the legitimate threats to physical security both on and off Twitter. I believe this is the right decision for Twitter.We face a very special and undeniable situation, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety. The offensive assault resulting from online speech is clearly demonstrated and what drives our policies and enforcement above all.

That said, the account ban has a real and significant impact. Although there are clear and obvious exceptions. But I feel that banning is ultimately our failure to promote healthy conversation. And it is time for us to reflect on our operations and the environment around us. These actions are therefore separate parts of the public conversation. They divide us, they limit our potential for clarification, redemption, and learning. And set a precedent I feel dangerous: the power of any individual or organization to part of the global public conversation. This authority and responsibility audit is the fact that services like Twitter are a small part of the larger public conversations that take place on the internet.

If people disagree with our rules and enforcement, they can go to another internet service. The idea was challenged last week when several providers of basic internet tools decided not to host what they found to be dangerous. I don’t believe this is a coordination. More likely: Companies come to their own conclusions or feel bold with others’ actions. This moment might call for this dynamic. But in the long run, it will destroy the purpose and lofty ideals of the open internet. Companies that decide to run their businesses to take care of themselves are different from the government revoking access. But it feels the same. Yes, we must all seriously consider the inconsistencies of our policies and enforcement. Yes, we have to look at how our services can be distracting and dangerous. Yes, we need more transparency in our moderation actions. All of this cannot break the free and open global internet.

The reason I am so passionate about #Bitcoin is mainly because of the pattern it shows: an underlying internet technology that is not regulated or influenced by any person or entity.This is what the internet needs and over time. There will be more We endeavor to do our part by funding initiatives on open decentralized standards for social media. Our goal is to become a customer of that standard for the public Internet chat layer. We call it @bluesky.

Will take time to build We are in the process of interviewing and hiring people on the basis of starting a standard from scratch or engaging in an existing one. Whatever the final direction, we will do this work completely through public transparency. It is important to admit that this is a time of uncertainty and struggle for many around the world. Our goal during this period is to disarm as much as possible and ensure that we all are building a more common understanding and a more peaceful existence on Earth. I believe the internet and global public conversation are the best and most relevant way to achieve this. I still remember I didn’t feel that way today. Everything we learn during this time will make our efforts better and drive us to be who we are, the one humanity that works together.

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