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Jack Dorsey: Twitter CEO Says Trump’s Ban Is Right But a ‘dangerous’ example

“I believe this is the right decision for Twitter,” Dorsey said in a series of 13 posts on his platform, referring to the situation where “I believe it is”. It was “extraordinary and irreversible” after Trump incited last week’s riots at the US Capitol, an incident that forced social media companies to “focus on all our actions on” social media. Public safety “

“I’m not celebrating or proud that we have to stop. @realDonaldTrump from Twitter, or how we got here? ”Dorsey said.“ The off-line abuse as a result of online speech is evident and what drives our policies and enforcement above all. ”

For the past four years Twitter (TWTR) At the center of Trump’s presidential tenure, benefiting the company in the form of countless user engagement, Twitter has taken a light touch in moderating his accounts, often citing it as an official. Trump has to get wide latitude of speaking. But the uprising at the City Hall led to the ban.

Dorsey grappled with the impact of the decision in his post, admitting that “Account bans have a real and significant impact,” he said, noting that removing users made the public conversation part and dividing people.

“Although there are exceptions that are clear and obvious. But I feel that banning is ultimately our failure to promote healthy conversations and it’s time for us to reflect on our operations and the environment around us, ”he said.

The CEO also cited similar actions by other social media companies, such as: Facebook (FB) and Snap chat (SNAP)To ban the President, Dorsey said these actions were not coordinated. But it’s a challenge for the tech industry.

“This power of investigation and accountability is the fact that services like Twitter are a small part of the larger public conversations that take place on the Internet,” he said. Us, they can go to another internet service. “

Technology industry uses  'Nuclear options' to crack down on organized violence online

“The idea was challenged last week when many basic ISPs decided not to host what they found to be dangerous,” he continued.

Amazon (AMZN) Effectively kills Parler, the right-most-backed platform when it terminated its web hosting contract.

The decision to ban the president from Twitter took effect immediately.Trump lost access to more than 88 million followers, and the move prompted the company to receive complaints of censorship from Republicans. Democrats undermine the role of social media in activating Trump and warning of new laws to regulate the tech industry.

Dorsey suggested in his post that the tech industry’s actions could also have long-term effects.

“This moment might call for this dynamic. But in the long term, it will destroy the purpose and noble ideals of the open internet.Companies that decide to do business in moderation are different from governments that cancel access, but can feel the same. “Dorsey said.

“Yes, we all have to seriously consider the inconsistencies of our policies and their enforcement. Yes, we have to look at how our services can be distraction and dangerous. Yes, we need more transparency.” All these moderation operations cannot be corroded. A free and open global internet, ”he added.

– Brian Fung contributed reporting.

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