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Jacob Blake’s uncle said in the view that the government attack was another reminder that the United States lives under two justice systems.

“One had let an armed white rebel violently attack the seats of our country’s government, the other fired rubber bullets at people defending black lives,” he wrote in The Guardian commentary.
Last week – and a day before the riots in the nation’s capital, Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley announced that the officer who fired Jacob Blake, Rusten Sheskey, would not face charges, Graveley said. Armed with a knife CNN has contacted the district attorney for comment in the comment section.

“This justice system calls these people”

; protesters “and they are protected by the First Amendment,” wrote Justin Blake about the rioters. “Cesky works under this justice and it is unacceptable, he claims to defend himself after he shoots Jacob in the back in front of his children in broad daylight, there is no possible explanation for the answer.” To increase this “

Activists in Kenosha said they were hurt and disappointed after the decision to not charge for filming Jacob Blake.

“The fact that the central agency riots and Jacob’s firing took place in broad daylight show how the violence was being sanctioned by the state,” he added.

Sheskey’s lawyer previously told CNN that the authorities were using serious force not only But only to protect his life But because he was scared of Blake, while trying to escape, tried to kidnap a child in the back seat of a car at the scene.

Prosecutor Brendan Matthews, a lawyer for Sheskey and the Kenosha Professional Police Organization, said in an email to CNN that he respected Justin Blake’s ability to express his views.

“Personally, I hope he will be productive with his energy and media platform trying to improve America’s racism, not aggravate it,” he wrote.

Last week district attorney’s verdict, Justin Blake wrote: “It made clear blacks in Kenosha and Wisconsin that we were insecure in our community.”

Kenosha echoed national racial and police divisions after the officer who fired Jacob Blake would not face charges.

If the justice system values ​​Black’s life, Justin Blake writes that Cesky will be fired and Kenosha’s police chief and Kenosha County sheriff will resign.

Sheriff David Beth and Gravley declined to comment.

While not referring to his name But comments also link to an article about Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who is accused of murdering two men, after which authorities accused him of shooting at protesters during a protest against Blake’s Jacob.

Justin Blake, the armed group, wrote: “Threats to our community will be seen as a violent terrorist group and the authorities will protect us from them. The Kenosha Police Department will adopt the # 8cantwait platform, which includes setting cuts, escalations and reporting at the Kenosha Police Department. comprehensive To prevent future police shooting “

He wrote that the camera would be used and documents related to his nephew’s shooting investigation would be made public.

“Jacob will get justice,” he wrote, “but we are not there yet, that is why we are getting up. Jacob deserves better. Kenosha deserves better. “

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