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Jaguar disappointed with Urban Meyer?

It is said that the jaguar is fascinated. Mayer townThose sentiments weren’t exactly being responded to, although Meyer was interested in Jags, he remained on the fence about coaching in 2020 and leapfrogging professional leaps like Ian Rapoport from the NFL tweet. com

The Jaguar also met the offensive coordinator chief. Eric BienemyFalcon temporary head coach Raheem MorrisOffensive coordinator titans Arthur SmithAnd defense coordinator, 49ers Robert SalehMayer – likely more expensive than your typical college coach – will make for the largest group. The jaguar also has an interest. Ryan DayCurrent head coach of Ohio State But he’s not ready to turn pro.

For Meyer, the Jaguar will represent the newest challenges and opportunities to become the No. 1 coach of the year, yet it will mean less time with family and potentially considerate health concerns. Related

Rapoport heard some people in the Jaguars front office became frustrated by Meyer’s indecisiveness.The former UF and Ohio State coach had flirted with the NFL in the past, only to argue his doubts. This time, Meyer’s camp was on the offensive in generating waves and fearing opportunities. Yet Mayer was still unsure of what he wanted to do.

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