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Jalen Hurts responded to Carson Wentz’s trade deal better as the Eagles’ starting defender.

In case you missed it, Jalen Hurts is in the news today.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Jeffrey Lurie wants the second-year Eagles defender to be the team’s starter in 2021.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter took the time to chat with Hurts on the latest episode of The Adam Schefter Podcast.Here are some of the highlights.

Working to improve

SCHEFTER: How do you remember your first season with the Eagles, Jalen?

The Pain: I think I’ll remember it as a real learning experience, just like anything else and everything I̵

7;ve been through and dealt with. Thank you for the opportunity to be enlisted with the Eagles and finally in where I am now. But a lot of things to learn for me. I am very critical of myself and stick to the highest standards when it comes to doing things the way I want to do. And there’s a lot I can learn from that first year, so good, very bad, I’m excited to improve and learn from them and look forward to doing something special in Year 2.

Being a beginner expected

SCHEFTER: What do you think of heading into your second season as a presumably starting defender?

The pain: I think nothing has changed for me, in my opinion. Come into everyday life trying to get better as a player Be the best leader I can be. Affecting the people around me And in the end, it’s about winning football games and the focus is on doing so. So my thinking doesn’t change, not at all.


SCHEFTER: So how did you react to the team that traded Carson?

Pain: The same type of thought I have all the time, in my terms, is the best player I can be. It’s not too much of my business, I don’t understand.

SCHEFTER: So when it came down and he was traded, are you surprised?

The pain: I think it’s just an opportunity for me. I think it shows trust in what I can be as a player, so I want to prove they are right.

SCHEFTER: And what did you learn from Carson working with him in his first season in the NFL, Jalen?

Pain: Carson has a lot of experience.His five years of experience, which I have said all along, is more than one of my games or my four games. But just seeing how he handled his stuff in the field Being around all of the defenders in that room and the coach as well, just got a view of the game and their perspective on the game. See what they love to do, see what they don’t like to do, and learn from it. I try to be a sponge and soak as much as I can. And every player is different. Just by being around, being around professionals allows them to get jobs and learn from him.

SCHEFTER: You have to be around him every day, so what do you expect him to do this season in Indianapolis?

Pain: I wish him a blessing. I hope he is nothing but the best. And I hope he will leave. I hope he will have the rest of his career.

SCHEFTER: Did you have any communication interactions with him after the Jalen trade?


TAKEAWAY since year 1

SCHEFTER: And when we look back on the first year, what are the memories that you have taken?

Pain: I think, as a competitor, it is not going to the playoffs. Not going into the playoffs and positioning yourself to run and do something special. That is what I remember the most. As in college There are a lot of things I have to endure in college. There were so many things that followed my path and throughout my journey. But what I remember most was my first year and everyone thought I had this winning touchdown at the national game at Tampa. So you remember the bad before you remember the good.

SCHEFTER: So what did you take? What do you learn from that?

HURTS: Done, everything matters. Everything matters Appreciate every moment and take advantage of every moment.

Other announcements

  • Hurts insists he is working with Patrick Mahomes’ lifelong trainer Bobby Stroupe.In addition to working with Quincy Avery, Avery has been training exclusively for Deshaun Watson.
  • Hurtz talks about the importance of building relationships with teammates and checking in with men.
  • Hurt cites Goat when it comes to improvement. “It’s like Michael Jordan always said. ‘If you want to jump and shoot better, you have to shoot the ball. You want a better three than you shoot all three. ”
  • Sore called a former college teammate and potential Eagles first-round pick DeVonta Smith “smooth criminal”.
  • Hurts with Jaylen Waddle: “It’s a great player. […] Like my little brother […] There was nothing he could not do. […] The sky’s the limit for him. ”
  • It hurt that Schefter asked him he wouldn’t mind Waddle being the Eagles’ pick 6: “ (laughs) I didn’t answer that!

My quick thought

  • It’s hard not to love the idea of ​​Hurts. There may be cases where there is too much “Big Loser Energy” (BLE) in an eagle. Pain, on the other hand, has Big Winner Energy (BWE) needs that more at NovaCare Complex. Everything we’ve heard about Hurts is how hungry he gets to get better.
  • It’s hard not to like Hurts who worked with people who previously worked with Mahomes and Watson.
  • It was evident that Hurt and Wentz didn’t have the closest relationship! It’s no surprise given that awkward dynamic. Still, it will be interesting to see Hurts’ blunt response that Schefter asked him if he has communicated with Wentz since the trade.
  • Hurt didn’t get much involved (to speak softly!) With the media after he was drafted and before he was a starter. It’s nice to see how he has opened up more since then. Review all interviews (approximately 13 minutes or so) if you find the time.

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