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James Comey said Biden should consider pardoning Trump.

Former FBI Director James Comey said he thinks elected President Joe Biden should consider pardoning President Trump for allegedly inciting a Capitol riot after his inauguration.

BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis asked Comey if he thought Biden should forgive Trump the same way President Gerald Ford was his predecessor, Richard Nixon, after his resignation from the 1974 Watergate scandal.

“I don’t know, at least he should consider it,” Comey told Maitlis. “As part of healing the country and taking us to a place where we can focus on things to come in four years, this is what we can do.” Up front I think Joe Biden must at least think about that. “


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Comey, who fired in the first year of Trump’s presidency led to an investigation, Mueller said he was unsure if Trump, who he called in the interview, said. “Illegal lawbreakers” will accept pardons, as the US Supreme Court has said. As an admitting wrong

The former FBI leader said he believed Trump was “in prison” but he did not think pursuing his guilt was in the country’s best interests.

“I think a wiser decision will not pursue him,” but he said that whatever decision Biden made, he should be “transparent” with the American people.

Any pardon will only protect the president from federal charges, not a state investigation.

The BBC interview was one of several media outlets that stopped promoting his new book, “Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency and Trust.”

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On Wednesday, the House passed a resolution 232-197 to impeach the president over charges. He was “inciting a riot” after his supporters stormed the City Hall on January 6 in an unsuccessful attempt to stop Biden’s endorsement of Electoral College.

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