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James Corden Will Fix ‘Spill Your Guts’ Section – Deadline Dead

‘Spill Your Guts’ Might Be the Last Breath

James Corden just went on. Howard Stern Show to talk about the latest changes in his controversial section. A recurring game on his late night show asks celebrities to reveal real secrets or eat nasty food. In some cases sacred Asian food

In early June, a viral TikTok video highlighted clips of late show Splice British-American hosts using baluts. bagpipe (thousand-year eggs) and xuě dòufǔ (pig’s blood) for food punishment.

“Wow, it looks awful,” guest Jimmy Kimmel said in the video. “It̵

7;s really disgusting, it’s awful,” Corden replied.

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Ok but this is real Asian food & you’re going live on TV to tell people how bad it is. that cringes

♬ original sound – Kim Saira

Kim Saira, the author of the TikTok video, has begun a Change.org petition calling for the piece to be removed from the air for depictions of insensitive Asian food in order to make Corden a formal apology for insults and for the show. to donate to local Asian American organizations The online petition has more than 45,000 signatures and counting.

“After an ongoing series of hate crimes in Asia, Not only is this group incredibly culturally harassing and insensitive. But it also supports the fight against racism in Asia. Many Asian Americans are constantly bullied and ridiculed for their native food. And this section expands and encourages more.

In an interview with the apologetic Stern Corden, he said he would keep the part. but will adjust the plate used

“We heard that story. And next time we do that We don’t get involved or use those foods at all,” Corden said. Our show is about happiness, light and love. We don’t want to show to offend anyone.”

Corden says these foods are more fattening and destructive. which means an old group meal featuring Anna Wintour, a Condé Nast model.

“In the same way we played with Anna Wintour, we gave her a pizza and cheeseburger,” Corden explains.

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