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James Harden said the Rockets ‘cannot be fixed’; Houston is reportedly talking about trade with ‘More than half a dozen teams’

When John Wall says it looks like his old self and Christianwood becomes a partner, pick and roll, the beast has a fleeting moment, the final feeling of hope that perhaps James Harden might claim. His commercial needs So much for that

While the talk had fallen on public demand during Harden’s pre-season, Harden still wanted to leave Houston. On Tuesday, after Houston was knocked out by the Lakers for the worst 3-7 Western Conference season, Harden needed just a few words to say everything about the situation with the Rockets. Good enough. ”

“We are not close with sincerity. [the Lakers] ̵

1; Obviously, defending the championship – and all the other elite teams out there. “I mean, you can tell the difference in the last two games,” said Harden.

“Chemistry, talent – smart, everything is clear,” continued Harden. “I love this city. I’ve truly done whatever I can. It’s crazy. I don’t think it can be fixed. Thank you.”

Then he got up and walked from the podium.

Shortly after Harden’s comments, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Rockets were still engaged in trade talks for Harden, but they were asking for a price that remained high and there was no near-close deal.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, Ramona Shelburne and Wojnarowksi added that the Rockets are having trade discussions with Harden with “more than half a dozen teams” and that Houston owner Tilman Fertitta continues to confirm with Harden that he will find a way to trade him. That Fertitta has “empowered” the new GM Rafael Stone to trade.

This is definitely not news The Rockets have been buying Harden all the time and of course their asking price is high. The new variant, Harden, lost patience to the public as he coped with the fact that he was unable to bully out of town completely with a two-year warranty including the remaining third-year player option in the race. His wife

In addition to holding hands for the media, Harden has also resigned from the field with fewer than 20 points scored in each of his past four games. The last time that happened was 2011-12, according to ESPN Stats & info.

Harden has identified many teams as acceptable commercial destinations, including the Nets, Sixers, Heat, Blazers and Bucks, but again, Harden is totally useless here. Yes, he is a powerful player who, along with his agent, has the ability to swing behind closed doors. But he hasn’t been in for a year. Houston can and will likely exchange him with any team that offers the best package, not the one Harden likes, and until then Harden will be in Houston.

With the chaos surrounding Kyrie Irving and the Nets right now, you’re wondering how it might affect a potential deal with Harden, or the Sixers are willing to shake up the good vibes they’re creating in the heat. Their Start of the season The team that Harden wanted to trade in most cases had no property or incentive to make a deal unless Houston lowered the price.

It will be difficult for the Rockets to get anything close to fair value, and Harden is trying to put the screw on them on the off chance that they will be under pressure, sick of drama and cut losses. with The less common deal to get rid of what’s available But it will only make your headache worse. Because how long can the organization endure this? How long will other Rockets players share the same locker room with Harden as he tells who and everyone they are not good enough for him?

For his part, Wall was clearly bored of Harden’s actions in Houston’s season – Wall’s first season after two years on the shelf – was hijacked by Harden’s agenda.

“he [Harden] Talk to his own opinion. I can’t know what he thinks of the team or how he feels about us. Wall said through an ESPN report, “I know how hard they’re working … to try to get better every day. I know how hard I have worked to get back in the high competition.

“There are people who want to compete at a high level,” continued Wall. “Like I told everyone tonight and told them before, when there were 15 people on the same page and they made a commitment and they knew their role and they knew what they wanted. From this and that is a win. Everything is fine But when you have some guy in the mix who doesn’t want to buy one, it’ll be hard to do something special or nice as a basketball team. ”

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