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Japan will send a transforming robot ball to the moon

Japan is preparing an unusual robot to explore the moon. and clearly influenced by the country’s technology industry bytes The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has teamed up with Sony, Doshisha University and Tomy, maker of ball-shaped robot toys, to study lunar soil ahead of a crewed rover due in 2029.

The 8.8-ounce bot will arrive in a compact ball that will help private robotics company Ispace load up on the lunar lander. when on the surface It turns out in a “full” form, which captures the surface of the moon. This would make the robot useful for future missions, JAXA said.

The result is completely unsurprising. Sony (who knows a thing or two about rolling robots) provided control technology to the robot, while Tomy and Doshisha helped shrink the design. Working with robots started with education in 201

6, but the main efforts are strengthened with the arrival of Sony in 2019 and Doshisha’s in 2021.

iSpace will launch a lander and robot transformer in 2022. We wouldn’t count on seeing so many space exploration robots. But the project hints at a future where shape-shifting designs allow landers to carry previously unavailable robots or shrink the hosts.

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