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Jared Goff starts at QB vs. Packers; John Wolford cuts off.

Defender Jared Goff will begin Saturday for the Los Angeles Rams against the Green Bay Packers.

The news comes after Rams’ coach Sean McVay announced Thursday that QB John Wolford was cut for Saturday’s races.

Blake Bortles will be Goff’s substitute on Saturday, McVay added that it may be possible that undraft rookie Bryce Perkins will play a third QB role.

Wolford struggled to win the Rams’ Super Wild Card over the Seattle Seahawks.He had not trained for the whole week, although McVay wanted to make a decision until the game time, but Wolford̵

7;s health was causing problems.

Goff, who underwent surgery to repair the broken thumb on his pitching hand, will remain in the center of the Rams, much of the start of the season.Goff missed out on the season’s final win over Arizona and did not start last weekend.

When Wolfford landed early in the post-season run, Goff handled the offensive and made no big mistake as one might expect from a QB with three pegs inserted into his thumb. He has accomplished 9 of 19 in 155 yards and TDs. Still, Goff is devastated by a win in a game he may have not used last week.

Playing in Green Bay on Saturday, the Rams should rely on Cam Akers and ground games.If LA is in a quick comeback mode and Goff is forced to face the cold, it will be interesting to see that finger. How did the thumb react after a week from the operation?

McVay can be an expert in game management to put pressure on his defender.Playing at Lambeau Field in January with Aaron Rodgers, a cherished MVP with a still-bumped QB, could be the young coach’s biggest test.

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