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Jarred Kelenic and Logan Gilbert launched the Seattle Mariners lost.

There couldn’t be a more perfect night for baseball Mariners, the type of day that seduces a move to Seattle with its clarity of color, technique to the seemingly endless mountains, water and sky. Nine began to pitch in their classic white home, impressing the best of their homemates, and when Logan Gilbert touched the tires, 9,880 fans in the stands roared like the guys. He is four times

The 96 mph fastball had Cesar Hernandez once flown for Mitch Haniger on the right.

The 96 mph heats up to Ahmed Rosario, this heater called a strike, and then four 95 mph marine ships went to Haniker again.

Jose Ramirez took two, including a 97 mph fastball outside, hurled 96 passes, fouled 96, then flew out for Kyle Lewis.

Jarred Kelenic hits the leaderboard for the first time in an MLB uniform and hits the ball quickly off the line …

On each pitch and each play, at first, people seemed to scream hoarse, and as I listened to the radio, I felt a sense of giddiness sneaking into my bones. Feeling good doesn̵

7;t last long (Gilbert lost his first career after four innings and 71 pitches, relying too much on his fastball and abandoning four earned runs. (Although at five and no walking at all) Zach Plesac didn’t do anything – eight out of eight), but they were there.

Under the best of circumstances, sailor fans wouldn’t mind. It is often considered the worst. And there is still something that keeps us coming back year after year, like wires that go wrong through our souls. For some, there is hope, some set a flag on themselves, and others are floating somewhere in between. We expect no reward and no sense of entitled to virtue. Passion is still strong But there is no confusion about this one-sided relationship.

So, we carry small beauties like tonight’s debut with a tenderness unlike most. Keep them with cool-looking rocks and smooth shards of sea water and tissue paper that may be spent playing with them as if we were in our lives.

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