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Jazz big Rudy Gobert wins the NBA Player of the Year award for the third time in his career.

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Rudy Gobert has been named the 2020-21 defensive player of the year, the NBA announced on Wednesday. This is Gobert̵

7;s third defensive player of the year award, he previously won in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons before losing to Giannis Antetokounmpo. last season Winning the award for the third time saw Gobert draw with Dwight. Howard is the third best defensive player of the year ever, after Ben Wallace and Decembe Mutombo, each with four.

Gobert finished with 84 votes, followed by Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers with 15.

Gobert’s Jazz has the best record in the NBA this season at 52-20, and he’s one of the biggest reasons why. The Jazz finished third in defense despite not having all capable teammates for their center stars. That’s because Gobert’s edge defense was so powerful that Utah could use the rest of the defenders to defend a 3-point shot. It’s no surprise that the Jazz allowed a third in the NBA.

Virtually every metric indicates that Gobert is the NBA’s best defensive player. He leads the NBA in all blocks with 190 and finishes the second block per game behind Miles Turner. BA in defense rebounds as well. Opponents fired at him 7.7 per cent worse than average defenders, and he finished third in the defensive line at 100.9, behind only team-mates Mike Conley and George Niang who benefited from the presence. he Among the advanced metrics, Gobert leads the NBA in defensive win share, defensive RAPTOR metrics. FiveThirtyEight All forms and true positives of ESPN’s defenses.

The real test for Gobert will come in the season. The big boys often battle teams with enough shots to pull them out of the basket, and now Gobert has proven everything he can in the regular season. What will his merit as a defender forever be judged on? take place in the playoffs He is playing the best basketball of his career this season. And this award is a worthy start to his most important running season.

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