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Jeff Lowe, Lauren Lowe Arrested For DUI In OKC

Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence on Saturday morning in Oklahoma City.

According to the Oklahoma City Police An officer noticed the driver jumping off the curb as he exited the parking lot just before 2am on Saturday near the intersection of Northwest 23rd and North Pennsylvania Avenue.

The car was then stopped with a woman exiting the car from the driver’s side. Later, officers noticed a man named Jeffrey Lowe exiting from the passenger side of the car. Get into the driver’s side car again and drive away.

Lowe, 56-year-old former business partner of Joe Maldonado-Passage. who appeared in the Netflix documentary “Tiger King”

; with Maldonado-Passage. was later stopped and arrested for motion sickness. this woman Later identified as Lauren Lowe, 30, was also arrested for DUI in the first traffic crash observed by Oklahoma City police.

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